Organizing Your Kid’s Playroom

Two children organizing toys in a playroom with wicker baskets.

You know the saying “two’s company, three’s a crowd”, and this certainly can seem like the situation when a couple decides to grow their family.  Everything in life changes when children come into the picture, including the house! Many homeowners forget about this or only focus on the nursery. Once the children get of age to play with toys, independently or with others, they will need a space of their own in order to keep your home  clean. Home Styler has some hints and tips for organizing your children’s playroom.


Not one space is made alike. Almost any room can be turned into a playroom for your children; it’s all about how you utilize the space. A few ways that you can create more floor space are by using different organizer types:

1. Ottomans– Try having a few ottomans (soft and child-friendly of course) that can act as chairs or mini tables for toys, all the while storing toys inside it. This is the most versatile and small organizer that you can use. They also come in a variety of colors!

A little girl is organizing her toy box.–Yellow-contemporary-ottomans-and-cubes-


2. Hammocks– You can also be creative and use hammocks to provide a space to sit and an area to keep larger toys off the ground. They can also act as reading centers for your child to relax and read.

A child sitting in a blue hanging chair in a playroom.

3. Bookcases– Besides the above, there is the classic bookcase. They come in many colors and you can also customize them by removing shelves to create space for larger toys. Bookcases also come in a variety of sizes, and if you lay one on it’s side, they can become a bench with storage. Just be sure to look up how to do this to make sure its secure and safely constructed.

Must Have Kids Room Accessories 
Two pictures illustrating bookshelves and stuffed animals in a children's room, focusing on organizing.

4. Shelves– Selves can be made to fit the theme of the room and to give you the amount of storage that you may need as time goes on. They are also  changeable, and you can keep them low for younger kids and then raise them as your child ages to fit their height. You can make them long, short or in-between while ensuring walking and playing room on the floor.

A red rug for organizing your kid's playroom.’s-playroom/



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