7 Ideas for a Sea-Themed Kids Room 

A children's bedroom with a blue and white theme.

The bedroom of a child is a special room where the kid spends most of their time. This means you need to go to every length to make the space comfortable and functional for the little one.

At the same time, though, kids’ rooms are rarely in line with other rooms within the house. They are special rooms where design is typically completely different from the overall concept for the house or apartment.

If you’re wondering how to approach the design, a sea-themed kids’ room can be the perfect getaway and fantasy land for your little one. A marine-themed interior design provides a cozy atmosphere that can even help stimulate the child’s development.

The best part is that you don’t need a professional to decorate a sea-themed kids’ room. You can do it yourself. Of course, you must keep in mind that the bedroom must also be safe for the kid. However, if you’re up for it, you can get the project done in under a week – and we’ve got some exciting ideas to consider.

1. A toddler boat bed

A boat-shaped bed would look great in any nautical-themed kids’ room. This can particularly be a good option if you’ve observed that the little one loves to play with boats and other sea vessels and is just transitioning to their big boy (or girl) bed.

The bed will make bedtime exciting for the little one as they can imagine that they’re sailing off to dreamland. Just make sure it’s low enough for the toddler to safely and easily climb out.

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A toddler boat bed

2. A lighthouse LED nightlight

An LED nightlight in the shape of a lighthouse also makes a great choice for a sea-themed kids’ bedroom. The light it gives out should be at just the right level to give the little one the reassurance they need to fall asleep at night.


For the best results, mix up the light colors. You can have a few greens, several blues, and even yellows here and there.

3. Personal nautical name sign

If your bundle of joy is so obsessed with being a sailor they already have self-made boats and assembled crew at the ready, then the honorable thing to do is to give them a name sign that matches their status. A wooden name sign hanging from a rope on bond ends looks really stunning in a nautical-themed bedroom and gives the kid the boost they need to keep the journey going.

Personal nautical name sign

You don’t need to make it complicated, though. Their first name and a nautical graph, such as an anchor, are enough to get the message home.

4. Pirate-themed wall stickers

Adorable pirate-themed peel and stick wall decals are another accessory piece that can dramatically impact a pirate-themed kids’ bedroom.

Pirate-themed wall stickers 

You have endless options to pick from, with varying colors and shapes. Moreover, you can use them in a number of creative ways on the bedroom wall. For instance, you can use them as borders, to brighten up one area of the bedroom or to decorate a painted ship.

5. Nautical cat cushions

Nautical-themed cat cushions are simple but very practical. They make the perfect finishing touch for a young boy or girl’s nautical-themed bedroom.

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cat cushions

You can find cushions in different designs. For instance, you can have one in a cartoon style with a cat dressed as a sailor and holding a fish basket. Your kid will especially love such a pillow if they also have a pet cat.

6. Lighthouse kid’s duvet

One of the best ways to reinforce a theme in any room is to bring bedding that blends well with the reigning style. Thus, when creating a sea-themed kids’ room, a lighthouse-decorated duvet would go a long way.

Lighthouse kid’s duvet

For instance, the duvet may have fun and colorful print, including sailboats, fish, flags, and a lighthouse (or tiny lighthouses). You can go the extra mile and match it with the curtains to effectively convert it into the overall theme.

7. Nautical wall decals

There are hundreds of different nautical-themed sea decals to choose from, including whale decals, anchor sign decals, and so forth. Applying them throughout the room adds loads of personality and color to the walls in a kid’s sea-themed room.

Nautical wall decals

Of course, you can find them in a wide range of colors to match your theme. All you need to do is let the seller know your reigning theme. Alternatively, make your order in a specific color. Above all, remember that you can also get decals in the little sailor’s name. This adds so much fun.


There are so many ways to decorate a sea-themed kids’ room. You can even use a decorated fish net or bring a nautical laundry basket to add function and style.

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