Designing A Nursery That Will Grow Up With Your Baby

A nursery with a crib and dresser.

Designing a nursery that will grow up with your baby is a smart choice. Because babies grow so quickly, this will alleviate the stress of trying to change the nursery to match baby’s personality. Therefore, you will have more quality time for your child.

Babies grow up quickly. In turn, new parents must adapt quickly. Therefore, a well planned baby’s room will serve the entire family well for years ahead.

Start by choosing a color that is cute. However, don’t select a shade that is too “baby-like. Traditionally, custom dictates pink for girls and blue for boys bedrooms. While that is still a popular choice select wisely.

A pink and black nursery room with a crib.
You can easily turn hot pink from nursery to a princess theme when she’s ready.
A nursery with a teddy bear and books.
Also, blush pink is an adaptable color choice

First, think pink! Consider the hue of pink you want. If you choose a bright pink or a soft blush pink, you can easily add accessories that reflect your daughter’s age as she matures. On the other hand, baby pink dates itself quickly!

A nursery with a crib and a rug.
Here is a darling navy blue nursery.

A nursery with a crib in front of a window.

Now let’s review blue. As with baby pink, steer away from baby blue shades. Consider other blue options. For example, a deep navy blue can be adapted to a pirate theme for a toddler.  Blue with a hint of grey becomes a neutral backdrop for any theme.

A nursery with a grey crib.
Certainly, gender neutral grey is always an appropriate color choice.

In addition, think about a gender neutral color.  In fact, many parents choose green, yellow, or grey. These choices allow them to add interesting elements to the nursery as the baby changes. For example, they can add colorful mobiles to enhance the decor. Don’t think of gender neutral as boring. In fact, it can be as stimulating to baby as a brighter color when done properly. Also, think about furniture that will grow with your baby. Nursery furniture can be costly. Therefore, you want to make sure to get your money’s worth.

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A black and pink nursery with a crib and dresser.
crib to toddler bed

Start by choosing a bed that will convert into a toddler bed. These beds were designed with safety in mind. Cribs that convert into beds come in a wide range of colors and woodtone finishes. New parents often wonder about the expense of this investment. In addition, they wonder why not buy a regular crib and just put baby into a twin bed as he grows.

A white crib and dresser in a nursery with green walls.
white crib to toddler bed

In fact, manufacturers design the toddler bed specifically for a young children. The parts won’t pinch their finger. Their heads can’t slide into the space between the mattress and the bed frame. Also, toddlers feel secure sleeping in the bed that they have known their whole lives.

For these reasons, don’t skimp on the crib that converts to a toddler bed.

A white changing table with drawers for a nursery.
Also select a changing table that converts to a dresser.

In addition to a convertible bed, select a changing table that can be used for many years as a dresser. Like the beds, you can choose from a wide color and finish range.

Select a changing table that has a crib-like rail to prevent your baby from rolling off of it. Later, the changing table top can be removed from the dresser section and it will look like a dresser instead of a changing table.

Finally, select a comfortable rocking chair. Your comfort is important here. Indeed, this will be the place you bond with the baby. You will breastfeed or baby formula feed and rock him to sleep from this chair. As he grows, you will read him bedtime stories from this rocking chair.

Of course, there are many styles of rocking chairs from contemporary clean lines to traditional wooden chairs.  Choose whichever suits your decor.

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A white rocking chair and ottoman in a nursery.
Indeed, the rocking chair is an important element in a nursery.

Designing a nursery that will grow with your baby is a project that is well worth your time.

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