Purple Reign: Create The Ultimate Luxury of a Purple Bedroom

Purple & Black Luxurious Bedroom

Let purple reign when you indulge in the ultimate luxury of a purple bedroom! If you love purple, use it in your bedroom design. Let its rich tones comfort you and invite you to stay a while.

Some purple lovers are afraid of designing a purple bedroom. They hesitate because they think it will look like a child’s room. Don’t fear the purple! Use a fresh color palette and balance out the purple hues with neutrals. As a result, you’ll create a warm, luxury feeling that you’ll love!

Definitely, purple screams of romance. In fact, those who choose purple are usually artistic romantics with a great sense of style. Sound like you? Then read on. You’ll see how to use purple in a modern romantic bedroom.

Perfectly Posh Plum – Purple Bedroom

To keep a clean and modern look, use updated shades of purple. In 2017, rich shades of deep violet and plum reign supreme. Pair these deep shades with neutrals like gray and white for a brighter room.

Adding Purple linens adds drama
purple accent wall
Violet Accent Wall

Indeed, simple recessed lights update the room with a clean look. On the other hand, a dramatic chandelier adds romance to the design.

white and purple bedroom
White Pops Against Vibrant Purple
Purple & Black Luxurious Bedroom

For an edgier twist on deep, rich violet consider adding black accents. This makes an edgy, glamorous looking purple bedroom.

In contrast, traditional lavender is just as popular as ever. However, modernize it by pairing it with rich creams and crisp, bright whites. In addition, keep accent pieces to a minimum. In doing so, you’ll create an airy feeling and updated feeling.

Designs Ideas for Landed Property That Are Always Stylish
purple bedrooms
A Grand Purple Bedroom
Lavender Wallpaper in an elegant guest bedroom
lavender purple bedroom
Lavender & Cream bedroom
Symmetry in Designing This Bedoom

Add textures and layer on the purple! Let accent pillows, curtains, and your bed linens to complete your purple bedroom.

Finally, a tip for people who aren’t able to paint their rooms. Fix up your bed with richly saturated purple bedding to make a single focal point. Indeed, it’s an elegant way to create a purple bedroom.

Indeed, Purple & White make a modern, clean look




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