14 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for the Modern Man

A modern man's bedroom with a bed and chairs.

According to Stephen Covey, “the challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by the modern man”. After a long day of work,one needs a moment of peace and quiet. A welcoming bedroom, clutter free, to unclutter one’s mind. A bedroom that’s easy to clean, therefore easy to maintain. You’re looking at an industrial, modern or contemporary style paired with minimalism. For a stylish, masculine look, a color palette that’s dominated by neutrals works best.

If you’re looking for inspiration and design tips, let us guide you through 14 stylish bedroom fit for the modern man.

A modern bedroom with black walls and wooden floors designed for a Modern man.
Light gives a new dimension to the brick wall (billyon.tumblr.com)
A modern bedroom featuring a brick wall and a bed.
Beautiful industrial bedroom fit for a modern man (realhousedesign.com)
A modern bedroom with wooden beams and a wooden bed.
The contrast between the voldness of the concrete and the warmth of the wood is animated by zenithal light (www.homemydesign.com)

Rough materials such as concrete and brick work wonders in creating a masculine look. Create a controlled unfinished room, by contrasting the previous mentioned materials with smooth surfaces, clean lines and minimalistic decor.

A modern black and white bedroom with a bed.
Natural light brightens up the black and white themed decor (gthegent.com)
A modern bedroom for a man with a white bed and wooden floor.
Stylish neutrals dominated bedroom for the modern man (houzz.com)
A modern bedroom with a wooden bed and bedside table.
Amazing blue floor (rawdesignblog.blogspot.nl)
A modern bedroom with a view of the city.
The nuance of gray on the wall seems to be influenced by color of the sky (bloglovin.com)

Experiment with neutrals. Combine black, gray, white and brown with shades of blue and green. Create contrast between colors and use light to accentuate certain important spaces within the bedroom. If there’s little natural light to work with, make sure the room receives plenty of artificial lighting to liven up the dark colors.

A modern bedroom with a bed and a coffee table.
Stylish headboard (arkpad.blog.br)


A modern man's bed with a wooden headboard and a framed map of Brooklyn.
Beautiful wood headboard (pinterest.com)
A modern bedroom featuring a chevron pattern on the wall.
Beautiful contrast between the roughness of the concrete wall and the smooth surfaces of the lighting fixture and table (designwebwinkel.com)
A modern bedroom with a black and white color scheme and a contemporary art piece.
Masculine minimalist bedroom (openhouse.constancezahn.com)
A modern bedroom with a world map on the wall.
Masculine bedroom with world map accent wall (flickr.com)

Use décor to soften the unfinished look. Lighting fixtures, chairs, headboards, carpets and art should be boldly on display. Opt for stylish materials such as metal and leather to add a touch of opulence.

A modern man relaxing on a bed with a view of a lake.
Bedroom with an amazing view (moonandtrees.tumblr.com)

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of the perfect bedroom, fit for the modern man?

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