How The Mattress Improve Your Sleep Quality

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Sleep is an inevitable part of human life. Sleep helps enormously to functions properly and maintain the body’ efficiency. Human Body cannot sustain without water, food, air, and sleep. Sleep quality is also equally important as the sleep quantity. Sleep quality refers to how you sleep. Your sleep quality depends on four factors and, they are the number of times you wake up in a night; How fast fall asleep; how long you take to go back to sleep; and how long do you sleep. These are pretty easy factors to record your sleep quality. However, externals factors do affect your sleep qualities extensively.

A mattress is one of the major contributors in your sleep quality. Your mattress plays a vital role to enhance our sleep experience and quality. If you are wondering, how a mattress can improve your sleep? Continue reading to find the mattress effects on your sleep.

Right Mattress Gives to Great Comfort

Your mattress can help you by providing comfort during the night. A good mattress is capable of providing right kind of firmness and softness to your body while you are sleeping. If your body is at complete rest, you can get uninterrupted sleep through the night. Hence it directly affects your sleep quality allowing a comfortable sleep. Not every human body is the same and so is their body requirements. Therefore every person has a different needs from his/her mattress like some prefer firmer while some prefer a softer mattress for a comfortable sleep.

Mattress Provides Right Support While Sleeping

A human body’s structure is not straight it has its own curves and edges. A right mattress supports distributing even pressure on the body parts. If there is a single point pressure through the night, your body will develop pain and soreness. Hence, it affects your sleep quality and doesn’t let you fall asleep again. Hence a right mattress is excellent to give proper support while sleeping. Moreover, you cannot sleep well on a mattress that is way too hard and build pressure tension on your body. Therefore you wake up without body pain or ache in the morning. This back pain blog recommends that you also invest in a mattress topper to protect your spine.

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A Good Mattress Keeps Your Body At The Right Temperature

When your body temperature reduces during the night, your brain produces the melatonin – a sleep-inducing chemical. Melatonin helps you to sleep deeper. This chemical can be produced only if your body temperature is cool. Hence, as the morning rises along with your body temperature, melatonin production drops down and wakes you up. If you sleep on a good mattress that has a better cooling effect, your body temperature works in the natural state and get enough melatonin to get the better sleep through the night. However, mattress with poor cooling quality can affect badly on your body’s melatonin production making your sleep more fragile and sallow.

Provides Good Breathability While Sleeping

The mattress definitely affects your health and sleep quality. One of it affects is breathability. When you sleep your body is practically paralyzed and, your senses do the work to keep you alive. In this case, a mattress with good breathability feature allows you to breathe properly with you are asleep. Most sleep problems come with breathing troubles during the night. However, if you have a good quality mattress, your sleep quality is improved. Hence you get better sleep through the night.


These are the four important mattress impacts on your sleep quality. Mostly, a good mattress can help you sleep like a baby while a bad mattress can cause you many sleep troubles. It is pretty clear from the above points that your mattress is very influential. Make sure that you have the best mattress for you so that it is improving your sleep.

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Every person will require a different type of mattress according to their sleep habits and body weight. Before you buy a new mattress, do proper research and then choose a mattress. There are several mattresses available in the market therefore, check out their reviews and features from the websites like Voonky. This way you will have complete information on the mattress before making the purchase decision.

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