Bunk Beds

A room with bunk beds.

We all wanted a bunk bed when we were kids. Outlined in this article are some of the designs of bunk beds that you as well as your kids will love!

Lattice DetailWhite bunk beds in a room.

In order to get bunk beds for girls this lattice detailed bunk bed is the ideal choice! There is a lattice railing and inside of the circle, a peacock blue colour is used to give the furniture a feminine touch.

NauticalA room with bunk beds.

This nautical designed bunk bed is an inspiration from a ship. The bunk room feels like a ships’ cabin and is lined with six bunks. Grommets that are found on the curtain evoke bubbles.

PlayfulA colorful children's room with bunk beds.

A playful wallpaper can change the whole aspect of a room. In this picture a playful wall paper is used which complements the bunk bed well. It does not give an overly cute feel but a playful look.

Wabi SabiA room with bunk beds.

Bunk beds give children more place to play. This room is Japanese inspired and looks very decent.

ColourfulA bathroom featuring bunk beds.

When it comes to children’s room one always wants the room to be very colourful. The coverlets on the bunk bed can be colourful and in case if it is a boy’s room then a steel blue colour would be the best choice!

Bold PatternsA red and white striped rug.

Bold patterns make a room look lively. Stripes, polka dots and big blue whales make the room gorgeous and also offer a surprisingly compatible mix.

Built-inA bunk bed in a room.

There can be built-in bunk beds that can give room more space and they can also be used for a place to sit as well.

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