Making the Most Out From Your Fireplace

A cozy living room with a fireplace.

Fireplaces are a common feature in many homes, especially older buildings. They can be a grand feature that is the main focal point in a room, and although many are no longer in use following advances in heating technology, the frames and fireplace areas can be used for a number of alternative purposes.

Traditional log burners are popular because of their warmth and efficiency, but they don’t make as much of an impact on a room as a traditional grand fireplace. People are finding the best of both worlds by adding a log burner to their unused fireplace, giving a frame and more impact to the log burner.

Making the Most Out from Your Wood Burning Stove.
Traditional log burner with log storage in a disused fireplace (

With more modern options available for heating our homes, it’s a growing trend to use our fireplaces as a source of light instead of heat. Candles are available in an endless amount of colours, sizes, and even scents, so it has generated a trend to replace log fires with pretty candles.

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Modified description: A cozy fireplace in a modern living room.
An adorable corner fireplace with oversized candles for effect (
Enhancing Your Fireplace Ambience
These log candle holders maintain a traditional style with a modern twist (

If your fireplace has been updated for a modern alternative, the frame can still be used as a feature of any room, from living rooms to bedrooms. They can be used as storage, decoration, or both.

A colorful mural in a child's room.
This disused fireplace in a child’s bedroom is now a cool feature wall and storage space (
A living room with white furniture.
Painting the frame of this fireplace turns it into a frame and key feature (

Today, fireplaces don’t have to be the traditional ornate frames we previously saw them as. With clever and more contemporary design, we can include unique fireplaces in the home, even in the centre of a room.

A white room with a cozy fireplace filled with stacked wood.
Turn a central fireplace into a wall divider in a modern open plan home (
A modern living room with a fireplace, making the most out of its functionality.
This central cut out fire place is contemporary, fun, and unique (

Whether they are in use or not, or have been completely rebuilt, a fireplace can be an interesting focal point in a home and an opportunity to add uniqueness and creativity into your living room or bedroom.

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