Improving Your Lifestyle With Open Plan Living

A living room with couches and a coffee table, promoting open plan living.

Open plan living is a modern style of interior design, which is also a lifestyle choice as well as a style decision. It is essentially opening up certain areas of the home and allowing them to be in one open space, with specific function areas as opposed to rooms.

Improving Your Lifestyle With an Open Plan White Kitchen.
Areas of the room are clearly defined by colours and shapes (

Open plan living is so popular because it opens up the home, allows the family to spend more time together, and therefore getting to know each other better and enjoying the time they have together much more. This means more fun, more conversation, and better relationships.

A bright open plan living room with a staircase.
Bold colours and themes can be continued throughout the entire home, very simply (

Open plan living gives the home an informality. Conversation and engagement can transcend what would usually be separate rooms, and people can communicate when carrying out different tasks to each other.

A living room with an open plan layout and blue tablecloth.
An informal picnic table gives the family a fun place for casual dining (

It can be important to create separate ‘zones’ for each function, usually living, dining, and cooking, but there are alternative ways to do this other than building walls. Room dividers, permanent or moveable, don’t just give you style points, but they usually provide function such as storage or desk space.

A modern living room with open plan layout and a television.
This bold room divider separates area and brings fun and storage (
An open plan living room with a dining table and chairs.
A breakfast bar is a great idea for a room divider (

Open plan living also gives greater access to the garden and outdoors from any area in the home. Bi-fold or French doors can open the entire home to the garden, promoting an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

A living room with a white couch and tv, enhancing your lifestyle.
In summer, these doors can be open and the garden can be used as a living space (
A modern living room with an open plan dining area.
The garden is available from all areas of the home’s ground floor (

Open plan living is a big change if you are used to solitary rooms with single purposes, but if you’re after a more open and informal home that is better for entertaining friends and family, you might want to try knocking down a few walls!

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