Take Your Home into the Deep with Ocean Accents

A modern dining room with ocean accents and a fireplace.

The appeal of the ocean is as vast as its expanse.  For many, the ocean is a place of power and majesty; a world of mystery and beauty.  Bring this world into your home with ocean accents.  Thrill at the tentacle wonder of the octopus.  Marvel at the fluid beauty of the jellyfish.  Delight in the wonderful texture and natural design of coral.  The oceanic theme is seeing a surge in popularity among designers and the commercial market is rich with choices.  See how these oceanic wonders would suit your interior design.

A living room with ocean accents and a brown wall.
Fish lights enliven this room (interiordesign2014)
A bedroom with framed pictures and ocean accents.
Red coral prints and coral colored accents highlight this bedroom (squidoo)
Take Your Home into the Deep with an Octopus Shaped Candle Holder
Unique octopus light (pinterest)
Take Your Home into the Deep with Ocean Accents: Blue Bed and Tray.
Octopus pillow and trays add color and interest to this décor (completely-coastal)
A jellyfish hanging lamp with ocean accents.
Jellyfish chandelier (pinterest)

The fascinating and mysterious octopus is full of natural beauty, with its long tentacles and uniquely shaped head, or mantle.  Furniture and lamps crafted in the shape of the octopus inject an element of surprise into your design scheme.  Equally at home in modern and more traditional interiors, octopus accessories, wall murals and framed prints are a unique addition to your home.

An octopus with ocean accents.
Unique octopus tray accents the ocean-inspired home (Pottery Barn)
A blue chandelier with octopus tentacles - Ocean Accents.
Beautiful blue octopus chandelier (darkskymagazine)
An octopus-themed table with a glass top, perfect for adding ocean accents to your home.
This octopus table is sure to be a conversation-starter (wildlifewonders)
Navy blue background with octopus prints.
Octopus triptych for the discerning home (Etsy)
Transform an empty room into a deep ocean sanctuary with an octopus wall sticker.
Bold octopus tentacle wall mural (amazon)
A living room with ocean accents and octopus framed art.
An octopus triptych enhances this room setting (lushome)

Coral has long been a favorite element to include in beach or nautical décor.  It adds interest and texture to a decorating scheme.  In addition to white, there are red and blue corals that make a strong statement.  Aside from actual coral, the motif is reproduced on fabrics, wallcoverings and artwork, making for a variety of ways to display this natural beauty.

A blue wall with ocean accents and a mirror.
Coral shelves make wonderful accents (my-house-my-home)
Ocean accents
Red coral linens accent the bedroom (adorable-home)
Ocean Accents
Beautiful coral artwork (etsy)
A red chair and two framed pictures on a wall with ocean accents.
Red coral prints offer a beautifully bold contrast to soft blue walls (pinterest)
Two ocean-accented corals sit on top of a blue dresser.
Blue and white coral decorative accents (digsdigs)

Jellyfish, with their fluid shape, long tentacles and beautiful colors can be quite an eye-catching décor element.  Photo or painted murals can give a room another dimension, while creating an atmosphere as mysterious as the depths of the ocean.  Lighting and sculpture in the form of the jellyfish are statement pieces worthy of a few surprised gasps from guests in your home.

Top 5 Reasons To Love A Tiny Home
A jellyfish lamp made out of paper can bring ocean accents to your home.
Beautifully delicate jellyfish light (decor4all)
Transform your living room into an ocean oasis with a mesmerizing jellyfish wall mural.
A bold jellyfish wall mural (wallfactor.co.uk)
White jellyfish hanging from a blue wall, featuring ocean accents.
Porcelain jellyfish hang from the ceiling (trendhunter)
Ocean Accents for Your Home
A fluid wall mural of a jellyfish adds interest and dimension to a modern room (aweekfromthursday)
A group of blue jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, offering ocean accents to your home.
Jellyfish lights glow beautifully (contemporarychandeliercompany.co.uk)
A living room with ocean accents featuring jellyfish on the wall.
Feel like you are under the ocean with this incredible wall mural from Art.com (art.com)

Adorn your home with the surprising natural elements of the ocean and enter a world of mysterious beauty.  Octopus, jellyfish and coral are very of-the-moment and carry with them a unique and natural appeal.  Enjoy richly detailed decorative accessories, unique furniture and lighting, and artistic wall treatments and fabrics.  Take your home into the deep with ocean accents.


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