Good and bad places for a mirror

A room with mirrors, reflecting energy according to feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese skill of landscaping and living in harmony with the environment. Whether or not you are particularly drawn to energy beliefs, most of us unknowingly obey certain rules of this skill. Feng shui often gives very practical home decorating tips that could be more of a common sense category.

One of the items that play a significant role in home decor are mirrors. The effect they achieve is multilayered. Primarily mirrors can be great for creating the impression of a larger space. For example, in narrow corridors or small rooms, a large mirror can add depth to the area and visually make it larger.

They can enhance the natural light in the room and add a cheerful and positive impression. Further on, and even in the belief of Feng shui, they can affect the energy of space. This is why we provide some basic guidelines on where to place mirrors in your home.

Entry door

A reflective hallway embodying the energy of feng shui through strategically placed mirrors.
It’s good to put a mirror on the side wall next to the front door

On one thing, all connoisseurs of this ancient skill, agree – do not place a mirror opposite the front door. They do not recommend it for any entry in an apartment, but this is a special rule for front doors. Namely, it is where you enter your home, that is, the place of so-called energy input. If the mirror is located exactly opposite the entrance, it will also be the location of the outgoing energy as the exit point will be shown in the mirror. The advice is to place the mirrors on the walls to the side of the entrance

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The kitchen

A dining room with a white table and chairs influenced by feng shui.
The best place for a mirror is in the dining room

According to experts, mirrors should by no means be in the kitchen, especially not opposite the oven. Although the kitchen is not the first place to place them at all, you may want to use mirrors for decorative purposes. The advice is not to do it if you’re going to listen to energy connoisseurs, as this is supposedly a room where the mirror brings more negative energy. Dining, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Connoisseurs believe it is a room that reflects our ability to retain wealth, and if it is duplicated in the reflection of the mirror, all the better.

Living room

Let’s put it this way; the effect of the mirror in the living room will depend on the type of people you invite as the guests. As a mirror is believed to multiply things in their reflection even when it comes to energy, you can easily conclude that it will be better if the level of cheerfulness and laughter brought to you by positive people increases than vice versa. Still, no matter the mirror issue, try to have more positive people in your life. With or without Chinese methods, this is undoubtedly the path to a happier life.

Finally, the bedroom

A bedroom with mirrors for an energy boost by interpretation of feng shui.
It’s better to place mirrors next to the bed rather than just above the headboard

A place of complete intimacy, and probably a place where you will renew your strength daily, deserves special care when decorating. Feng shui says a bedroom is actually the right place for mirrors. It’s not the best idea to place them just above the headboard, as this will weaken your sense of security. Also, and this will not appeal to the more creative ones when it comes to lovemaking; the mirrors shouldn’t be opposite the bed. Seeing yourself out of bed can disrupt your dream and, by some interpretations, even attract a third person into your relationship. You certainly don’t want that. All the other places in the room are more or less okay.

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Now you know all the guidelines to draw as much positive energy into your home as possible. Of course, ignore all of these instructions if you have found the perfect recipe for happiness on your own. No expert can do it better than you.

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