10 Smart Ideas to Store More in Your Bathroom

Store More in Your Modern Bathroom

Does it take your visitors more than a minute to find essentials in the bathroom? Well, perhaps you should think about reorganizing your bathroom. Learning how to make the most out of your space without being messy is an artform, regardless of the size of room you have. Today, we have ten solid ideas and tips to conquer the clutter with relative ease, and store more in your bathroom.

1. Get a fabric skirt for your sink

If you are too spent for space to host shelves or cupboards, peep below your sink. A pleated fabric skirt like the one below can be an intriguing design piece while hiding eyesores like toilet cleaning products and storage containers.

A bathroom with a sink and a window designed to help you store more.

2. Lean a ladder

A wooden ladder cleverly leaned on a bathroom wall looks unique can bring in more dimension than a traditional shelf. It is a smart, cost-effective way to hang your towels in style.

A bathroom designed to store more.

3. Fit a shelf below the sink

If you have a considerably sized space under your skin with which you can do more than merely covering with fabric, think about installing a wall-to-wall floating shelf instead. You can have mini-baskets for hand towels and other small effects.

A bathroom with wood paneling and extra storage.

4. Stack as much as you can

No space? Aim higher with floating shelves, or perhaps uniform baskets that can be stacked as high as you can reach safely. Is the top of your toilet free? Place an aesthetically pleasing wire basket on top. Stacking gives you the opportunity to explore empty vertical space and reduce clutter from your existing shelves.

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A white bathroom with wooden shelves and baskets for increased storage.

5. Put up a caddy

If you can’t seem to find a convenient and space-efficient place for your regular shower products, get yourself a caddy. In addition to consolidating all your products, it can also make cleaning your bathroom significantly easier.

A bathroom with a soap dispenser designed to help you store more.

6. Look behind the mirror

Instead of fitting a simple wall-mounted dressing mirror, why don’t you leave a few inches from the wall for a spacious medical cabinet?

A bathroom with a wooden cabinet and a mirror designed to Store More in Your Bathroom.

7. Get another shower rod

A shower rod can bring about interesting modes of storage. With some clippings, you can hang everything, from face towels to shampoo conditioners.

A bathroom with hanging baskets for storing more.

8. Use tiered storage

If you are used to storing your makeup and nail polish on display at the countertop, you probably need to deal with clutter quite often. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise on convenience to store more in your bathroom. Think vertically, and get yourself a tiered caddy. You can also make one by staking plates with a candle holder, then spray painting the whole unit to match it with the rest of your décor.

Three tiers of jewelry on a table with additional bathroom storage.

9. Repurpose plant holders

The next time your out shopping, grab some wall-mounted plant holders from the store’s clearance section. They can be pleasantly decorative while effectively concealing bulky tools like blow dryers.

Store More in Your Bathroom with a sink and mirror.

10. Store items in mason jars

Small personal effects like makeup brushes, cotton balls and toothbrushes can quickly make your countertop chaotic. Therefore, embrace simplistic organization by getting mason jars. When attached to a wooden board, these jars are the perfect farmhouse-chic bathroom storage option to keep items off the vanity top.

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A bathroom with jars for storage on the wall.

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