7 Ways to Make the Most of Loft Space

A loft space with bookshelves and a fireplace.

Loft living has many advantages but can pose a challenge when decorating and allocating for storage.  It may require creative thinking when it comes to specific layout.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your loft space and reap the full rewards of loft living.

A loft space with a spiral staircase.
Loft space (wnetrzaranzaeja.blogspot)
A loft space with stairs and a desk.
Multi-level loft space (skroutzondeck)
A loft space with wooden beams and a leather couch.
Light-filled loft space (stokeharvester)

Go vertical.  With high ceilings at a premium in loft spaces, you can make the maximum use of space by building tall shelving units.  Use ladders to access upper areas.  Ladders also enhance the decorative effect of shelving.

A modern loft space with lots of bookshelves.
Bookshelves fill the vertical space in this loft (japanesetrash)
An attic loft space filled with bookshelves.
Wall space is utilized with high bookshelves (art-ekstrax)

Niches and floating wall shelves are a great way to tuck away items or to make creative use from unused wall space.  Use niches or floating wall shelves to display important art pieces.  Install accent lighting to illuminate the display for added drama.

A loft space featuring a living room with a central staircase.

Floating shelves create areas for display and storage (ontrus)

A loft space with a red couch.
Wall niches accent this loft (mybutterfly)
A person walking down a hallway with bookshelves in a loft space.
Wall niches in the hallway give unused wall space a boost (designmag.fr)

Multi-purpose dividers, such as bookcases, can bridge the gap between spaces in a loft.  Place them between the sleeping and living areas or the living and kitchen area.  Corral miscellaneous household items on the shelving into decorative boxes, metal bins or baskets.

A loft bedroom with a bed and bookshelves.
Open shelving doubles as room divider (ilparametro)
A loft space with wood floors and a bed.
Open shelving maintains good flow in this loft space (Decoist)

Make use of all space, including stairwells.  The area surrounding stairs is often overlooked when decorating.  This is a space that can benefit from a bit of out-of-the-way storage.  Create space with wall niches or add storage underneath the stairs.

A loft space with a couch and a fireplace.
Shelving niches in the stairwell for storage and display (a1architects.cz)

With the expansive height of most lofts, you can create another level – a loft within a loft.  Use this area for a bedroom, sitting area or library.  Install a floating staircase to reach the upper level, allowing the space to remain open.

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An image of a loft with stairs and a surfboard in a loft space.
Multi-level loft with floating staircase (Pinterest)
A small bedroom with a loft bed and bookshelf, featuring loft space.
Unique multi-level loft (Pinterest)
A loft space featuring a living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.
Space is utilized above the fireplace (Decoist)
A modern loft space with a kitchen, dining room, and staircase.
Loft living (Decoist)

Expand the living area by opening up to the outdoor space.  If you are fortunate enough to live in a loft that has a balcony or terrace, take advantage of the extra space.  Extend your floorplan and decorating scheme to include the outdoor space.

A 3d rendering of a loft space with wooden furniture and plants.
An outdoor space for loft living (homedesigning)
A loft space with a table, chairs, and a ladder.
A loft space takes advantage of natural light and outdoor space (sadecor.co.za)

Place walls and windows creatively in the loft.  Use windows along with half-walls to create a unique room divider.  Use materials such as brick, stone or wood cladding to enhance walls and give them interest.  Allow space for ledges and openings for additional storage and architectural interest.

A loft space featuring a kitchen with a dining table and bookshelves.
Creative use of walls and windows for the interior of this loft (freshome)
A loft space with a bed and a staircase.
Brick arch accents this loft space (trendier)
A loft space featuring a leather couch and bookshelves in the living room.
Space is divided by a bar in this loft (reds-inc)

Living in a loft can be challenging but it is full of possibility.  When you are faced with a wide-open space, create separate areas and manage space wisely.  Make use of storage areas that are hidden beneath the surface and can be realized with a little imagination and planning.  Make the most of your loft space by visualizing, creating and enhancing the functional and architectural elements.

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