Designing a Home Office


Designing a home office is a way to carve out a personal space in your home to work, pay bills or just get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy family life.  Even if you don’t have a spare room for an office, there are ways to create a space that fits your needs.


If you work out of your home, it is important to designate a space that is dedicated to work and free from distractions.  A separate room is ideal for this situation, allowing you to close the door or bring in clients if necessary.  A desk or work space, cabinets for storage and a comfortable chair are priorities.


If you have visits from clients, add a conversation area with comfortable chairs and a table for previewing work.  This space could also be used for taking breaks, reading or as a place to spread out your work for review.  For work that requires a separate area, such as design, a drafting or art table can be set up.

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Without an extra room for a home office, consider a small section of another room, a nook under the stairs or even a closet.  Closets can be converted into office space by installing shelving and a work space.  Consider the set-up for computers and lighting here, which may take some additional electrical work.

The Front Porch – An Extension of Your Home
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Adequate lighting in the home office is very important.  Whether or not the space has an overhead light, you should plan for additional task lighting.  Floor lamps save table space for the conversation area and can brighten up dark corners.  A desk lamp that provides sufficient light for close-up work is a must.


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Built-in shelving provides a great spot for storage and helps significantly with organization.  Shelving also works great in areas short on space, such as closets or alcoves.



Whether working at home or just needing a place to conduct household business, designing a home office space has become a necessity for many.  With a home office, you can be as extravagant as you want, creating just the right space for your needs.  So, in a closet, in the corner of a room or in a spare room, create a space that will keep you efficient and organized.



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