Bookcase Feature Wall

A bookcase-filled living room.

Whether you are a reader or not, bookcases offer something for everyone.  When used to flank a fireplace, an entertainment center or as a wall feature, bookcases are a wonderful architectural enhancement to any room.  In the living or family room, having a bookcase feature wall offers versatile styling possibilities.

Two blue chairs in a room with a bookcase and fireplace.
Built-in bookcases enhance this space (abbyarchitects)

In many family rooms, the television is generally front and center.  If you want to take the focus off of the television, built-in bookcases that surround the screen can accomplish this task admirably.

A living room with bookshelves as a feature wall.
Bookcase feature wall (decorpad)

Books surround this television.  Notice how the books are placed horizontally as well as vertically.  This is done out of necessity for some larger books but it also creates visual interest and variety.

A white living room with bookshelves and a coffee table featuring a bookcase.
Built-in bookcases (blog-diynetwork)

A bookcase feature wall accents this room nicely.  Don’t fill up the bookcase to capacity with books.  Leave some blank space and intersperse a few decorative accents between books for a fresh, casual appeal.

A living room with a feature wall.
Designing around bookcases (Houzz)

Of course, you don’t even have to fill bookcases with books.  Use them for decorative displays and accents.  Paint the back of the bookcases with a vivid color to brighten and enhance a room.  You can use wallpaper to add pattern as well.  These bookcases form an integral part of the architecture of this room and are accented with bright green paint.

A living room with a lime green feature wall and blue furniture.
Featuring bookcases in your living room (decorpad)

Simple bookcases with extra storage from cabinets underneath flank this fireplace and offer space to display accessories.  A wall of bookcases along the fireplace creates a strong architectural element in the room.

A living room with bookshelves.
Built-in bookcases enhance this living room (

Alternating accent lighting on the shelves of this bookcase create a focal point for artwork and mementos.  This detail makes a strong statement in this modern room, while providing soft lighting to augment lamps.

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A living room with bookshelves as a feature wall.
Bookcases flank the fireplace in this modern living room (

Painting these bookcases the same shade as the trim gives this room depth and accents the book display, while taking attention off the television.  This room appears very cozy and inviting.

A living room featuring blue walls and bookshelves.
Bookcase feature wall (decorpad)

A wall of bookcases is a great backdrop for a sofa in the living room.  Two large center shelves allow space to display accents as well as lamps.

A living room with bookshelves and a gray couch.
Bookcase as background of living room (vspass)

This wall bookshelf is a complete center for entertainment and a fireplace.

A living room with a bookcase.
Built-in bookcases (

Floor to ceiling bookcases take advantage of vertical space in smaller rooms.

A living room with bookshelves as a prominent feature wall.
Bookcase feature wall (lullabycasa)
A living room with a bookcase and fireplace.
Bookcases provide vertical space (

This built-in bookcase and entertainment center has a furniture appeal with architectural trim.

A living room with a tv and a rug featuring a bookcase.
Built-in bookcase centers this room (wealthrealty)

Bold blue paint and striped wallpaper bring this bookcase to life, making it the centerpiece of this space.

A living room with blue cabinets and a TV featuring a bookcase.
Bright blue bookcases are feature (

Bookcases flaking windows in this room adds great architectural character and detail.

A living room with a bookcase wall.
Bookcases enhance this living room (

A bookcase feature wall adds wonderful character and architectural interest to a room.  It provides a place for books, accessories and storage.  In some cases, bookcases take the focus off of the television, helping it blend into the space.  Built-in bookcases are an excellent feature to any living room or family room and aren’t just for book lovers.


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