Granite Countertop Colors that are Most Popular

A white kitchen with a marble counter top.
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We adore granite for its exquisite beauty and inherent differences, which turn each block into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Granite is a preferred material among homeowners since it is simple to maintain and clean. Natural stone is also ideal for bar tops, wall caps, backsplashes, kitchen countertops, and more due to its durability.

Colors of Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops


Choosing the ideal granite countertop for your kitchen can be intimidating, with many variations available. We’ve compiled a list of the most common granite hues used in their kitchens for you to peruse to simplify the selection process. You should commence your search there!

Primate in white


A traditional granite option with a straightforward yet attractive design is White Primata. The white base and the black and gray crystals contrast beautifully. Almost any kitchen design style would look good with this countertop.


Sand Brown


Warmer colour schemes and darker kitchen cabinetry go very well with desert brown granite. With black-speckled accents and a scattering of burgundy, the surface’s neutral tan background evokes the look of sun-kissed sand.

Indigo Blue


Sapphire Blue granite is a more darkly coloured natural stone with significant amounts of black, brown, and blue. It complements both light and dark kitchen design components, making this granite a functional and gorgeous countertop option.


Dark gray


Steel Gray granite may be the right choice if you like your kitchen countertops to be on the cooler side of the color spectrum. Darker grays are highlighted by lighter gray dots, providing a lovely, neutral backdrop for both homeowners and designers.

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Pearl Black


At first view, Black Pearl granite could appear to be a straightforward black countertop, but closer inspection reveals mineral deposits in gold, silver, brown, gray, and even green. These minute variances draw attention and reflect the light in your house. Black Pearl is a fantastic countertop option if you want to add opulent contrast to your kitchen decor.


Less-heavy Cherries

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Darker granite countertops typically look best when coupled with lighter cherry cabinet doors. However, this is not a hard and fast rule; it comes down to personal preference.

Let’s say you have or desire lighter-coloured cherry cabinets, such as Cherry Pear maintenance-free cabinet doors or Natural on Cherry Wood wood cabinet doors. Pairing with darker granite countertop colors like Black Pearl or Dakota Mahogany is always a good idea. Additionally, keep in mind that neutral colors like Tropical Brown or Autumn Wheat are always a good choice if you’re unsure which hue looks best.


Cherries, both medium and classic

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The best choice is to stick to the darker end of the neutral color spectrum for authentic cherry-coloured cabinet doors and medium-coloured cherry variations. Granite countertops in brown and beige go incredibly well with cabinet door hues like maintenance-free Classic Cherry and wood Harvest Gold on Cherry with a Caramel Glaze. Consider Baltic Brown, which offers lots of movement with dark cream-coloured granite, and Tropical Brown, which comes in rich brown and light grey variations.


Dimmer cherries


Most homeowners find cherry-coloured cabinets with dark glazes or finish an excellent choice because they look lovely in both traditional and farmhouse kitchens.

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Darker cherry varieties in our assortment of wood cabinet doors include the well-liked Cordovan on Cherry, Washington Pewter on Cherry, and Washington Cherry on Red Oak.

Choose a light-coloured granite countertop like New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecelia, or Kashmir White for a beautiful contrast. If you prefer the darker hues of granite countertops, choose a vibrant color to give your kitchen more depth. The above kitchen blends a granite countertop in Uba Tuba, combining darker neutrals with a deep green base, with Cordovan on Cherry with a Sable Glaze.

The best grade naturally occurring granite, mined in Italy, Brazil, India, and the United States is offered by Granite Certified by Kitchen Magic. A cutting-edge sealant is used to seal each countertop. Give you style and durability that will last. Granite Certified by Kitchen Magic is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and the company’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service and craftsmanship for many years.


Remember that any granite used to create countertops happens naturally as you look for countertop surface materials for your kitchen remodeling project. This implies that there may be some variance in the hue, colouration, and pattern of granite styles. Your house’s lighting is the optimum environment for seeing and choosing granite countertop samples.

The best grade naturally occurring granite was mined in Brazil, Italy, and the United States for Kitchen Magic’s certified granite. Each countertop has a limited lifetime warranty and is carefully sealed with a cutting-edge sealer. Try Kitchen Magic out and discover what it can do for you. Call today to arrange your free in-home consultation!

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