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A house with a large lawn and grass.
Simple, square, rounded, and small-scale.    Photo by. Andreas


Green Retreats has been building the highest quality garden room buildings for our clients to create more space at home, and a lot has remained the same. We stay on top of the most recent design and construction trends and cutting-edge materials and techniques. To determine which garden room is best for you, we have eight different types to pick from that will fit any home or garden.                                                    

The external footprint in relation to the internal area is the smallest for the Inspiration garden room. This makes it a great option for a structure that occupies less area in the yard, making it a popular option for tiny gardens. This design’s simplicity also aids in blending in with the surroundings. So regardless of the size of the garden room you desire, the Inspiration will be a more understated style that can fit into fence panels or garden vegetation. This is our least expensive garden room building since the materials used to keep it modest and compact were scaled back. The Green Retreats buildings share the same level of quality.


Slanted roof, rustic, log-cabin design, a traditional, prominent feature . Photo by Gbeaty


A very classic log cabin style permeates the Expression garden room. The enormous, slanted roof overhangs that line every side produce a fantastic hooded feature. The Expression building is a fantastic choice for more extensive gardens or gardens decorated in a traditional style. This opulent design would blend in perfectly there. Of course, you can alter our buildings’ conventional appearances to fit your needs and preferences! For instance, the Expression has a very traditional appearance when it is unadorned. Still, the entire structure feels contemporary when covered in our composite black cladding with black fascia.

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Modern, art-deco, robust triangular features, forward-leaning front Photo by. Mldas code


Our fantastic design for The Pinnacle is both artistic and architectural. The solid front angle of this building leans forward towards the top to create a modern feature. This structure is unique, without a doubt! Our angled feature window on this structure is another distinctive architectural characteristic. Due to the way it complements the triangular front leaning appearance, this window is only offered on this particular structure.


Fully enclosed front frame, squared sides, box-like design, modern, artistic. Photo by. Evening Tao


A striking characteristic of the contemporary The Edge building is its hooded frame front (or Edge!). The front frame is formed by the roof extending squarely to the front, enclosed sides, and a small deck. The Edge has sleek lines that form an amazingly contemporary cube/squared design. Additionally, this can be stylized with inserts in black or graphite to provide more drama and cast more shadows on the building front.


Slatted accents, industrial Edge, contemporary, lodge-style, modern.  Photo by. User24252071

To create a modern classic design, the garden room combines contemporary design with a classic garden lodge atmosphere. This structure has complete or slatted side screens on the right and left sides, stylish graphite or black flashing on the sloping roof, and a hooded feature visible from all directions.


Modern, tiny, square, and simple.  Photo by. Evening tao


The design jumps out as being both condensed and incredibly modern. Similar to Inspiration, this architectural design provides the most practical space-saving solution by balancing a small exterior with the most used interior area.

The striking black or graphite accents are a great alternative when you desire a modern design style but have a more miniature garden.


Striking, boxy, and industrial-looking. Photo by. 4Masik


The structure is an attractive option for a garden room thanks to its strikingly contemporary form, which has an enclosed side connected with the hood and deck and has a square-edge detail.

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The whole-height picture window option is a great way to add more light inside and provide a different view of your garden.


Contemporary, creative, flowing, and curved Photo by. Vanitjan


The building is distinctive and design-driven, and it is the only garden office layout that features a curving corner aspect that connects the enclosed side, hood, and deck. These components blend flawlessly thanks to this striking feature, which also makes a creative statement.


Kitchen and entertainment area outside. Photo by. Pressfoto


Everyone aspires to offer a slice of their ideal outdoor dining area. As we strive to create the best gathering places at home, this trend will keep growing in 2022 and will no longer be limited to extensive gardens or warmer climes. When the torrential British downpour becomes uncontrollable, this matches nicely with a backyard bar or garden games room to keep the fun going!


The Cottage-style architecture. Photo by. Suksao


The secret to creating cottage-style gardens is avoiding straight lines and using organic curves instead. You should also give natural elements like brick, slate, and rustic wood the spotlight. A beautiful garden that you’ll want to look at all summer long can be made by planting flowers at various heights.


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