How To Decide Which Trees To Plant In A Small Garden

A small garden with a table and chairs.

A small garden is, by definition, a limited space. That means you have to consider carefully which trees and plants to grow, especially f you want to enjoy the space available. Of course, trees are a useful addition to any garden as they provide shade in the heat of the summer. They also absorb moisture and are likely to become important sentimentally

When considering which tree to plant in a small garden there are several important points:

The amount of maintenance

Trees grow, which means they need to be lopped or trimmed every year. This ensures they don’t grow too large and they are the shape that you need them to be. It’s likely that you’ll need to use a professional service such as these experts in tree lopping North Shore. This will ensure the tree is trimmed but remains healthy.

Native Varieties

You should also consider which trees are best suited to the area you live in and the space you have available. If you plant a native tree it will be much easier to look after, you’re almost guaranteed that it will flourish.

Good trees to consider are the Crepe Myrtle, Compact Evergreen Magnolias, Frangipani, and the Blueberry Ash.

There are plenty more but these trees generally offer pretty foliage and are easy to look after. They are also on the smaller side which is important if you’re planting trees in a small garden.


In fact, size is very important when deciding which trees are best for a small garden. In general, the roots of a tree will cover the same area as the branches. That means f the branches are overhanging a fence, so are the roots. Equally, if the branches are against your house the roots will be at the foundations.

What Kind of Patio is Right For You?

Both of these scenarios can cause issues for your home or your neighbors. Some taller trees are also more likely to suffer in storms, potentially causing them to fall on your property or your neighbor’s. It’s important to consider this before you plant the tree, in general, shorter trees are the preferred option in small gardens.

Of course, you can keep the tree trimmed to prevent it from growing too tall or too wide. But, this will require a commitment to maintaining the tree.

Personal Preference

The point of the first steps is to decide which trees are likely to do well in your small garden and which ones you like. The bottom line, when choosing trees for a small garden, is that it’s your tree and your garden. 

You need to consider the tree that you like the most. It may be a special one from your childhood or a replacement for an old tree that has died. You’re the one that will be looking at the tree every day which is why you need to choose the one that you love.

Any tree can be trimmed to keep it small enough to be manageable in a small garden. You just have to be committed to your tree.

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