Perfect Bedroom Furniture for a Contemporary Décor 

A bedroom with a bed, dresser, and a ceiling fan.

When selecting the perfect bedroom furniture, most people would rather pick a matched set to forego the trouble of selecting one piece after another.

However, you don’t have to fear. Although it’s a challenging process, selecting the furniture pieces one by one gives you a rare opportunity to customize the bedroom depending on your needs and preferences. It also allows you to impose your style and let your personality shine through.

The following is a short guide to help you get through the process without upsetting the overall design or burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Choose the right bed size

The first step to getting your bedroom furniture choice right is picking the correct bed size. There are two reasons why. First, the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, it takes up the most space. Thus, you must bring the correct size. Otherwise, you may have space issues. Secondly, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Thus, it must fill the space appropriately.

Substantial bed sizes, such as the four-poster canopy and sleigh designs, work best in large spaces. For smaller bedrooms, pick a smaller bed, such as a platform bed or daybed, to maximize space.

Choose the right bed size
the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom.

2. Consider material

Furniture material type is critical too. For instance, most beds are wooden. The main advantage of wood is that it’s eco-friendly. Wood also looks nice and is durable. However, wood can be expensive. Oak, walnut, and beech are particularly expensive. More importantly, wooden furniture tends to be bulky, making them more suited to larger spaces.

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A more affordable alternative is chipboard or MDF. These two are imitations of wood that have the same aesthetic qualities as wood. The only downside is that they have a shorter lifespan.

wooden bed
Wood also looks nice and is durable

3. Style

A charming style also defines the perfect bedroom furniture. Here, you have two broad options, i.e., classic and modern. Classic furniture is exquisite units made in various historical styles. They are typically characterized by curvilinear outlines and an abundance of décor, including stucco, delicate carvings, inlays, and gliding. Just remember that classic bedroom furniture are bulky and more expensive. Thus, they look better in spacious bedrooms.

Modern bedroom furniture are available in all shapes and sizes. They are also more functional. Thus it’s easier to find options for smaller bedrooms. The furniture are characterized by straight lines (rather than curves) and symmetrical forms.

Modern bedroom furniture are available in all shapes and sizes.
Modern bedroom furniture are available in all shapes and sizes.

4. Choosing color

When choosing the color of bedroom furniture, you must consider the color scheme of the room’s décor, the lighting within the room, and the size of the room. Generally, it’s best to choose lighter tones that visually expand the room for a small bedroom. Meanwhile, more spacious bedrooms work well with darker schemes as darker colors tend to narrow the room.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, lighter tones need closer maintenance as any scratches or tears are more evident. On the other hand, darker tones hide defects better, allowing for minimal maintenance.

Darker colors tend to narrow the room. 
Darker colors tend to narrow the room.

5. Selecting nightstands

Nightstands are extensions of the bed. This makes them the next most important furniture in the bedroom. Thus, you might pick the right nightstand. Otherwise, all the good work you’ve done in selecting the correct bed might go to waste.

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Fortunately, the options are endless. You can opt for a simple nightstand for just your alarm clock and a bedside lamp. Alternatively, you may want a couple of storage drawers below the stand. It’s also up to you to decide whether you want just one nightstand or one on each side of the bed. If you’re feeling lost, consider purchasing the bed with a matching nightstand.

Selecting nightstands
Nightstands are extensions of the bed.

6. Finding the perfect wardrobes

Finally, you can’t discuss bedroom furniture without mentioning wardrobes. When selecting wardrobes, first think about whether you want fitted (permanent) or standalone units. Standalone units are more desirable when you don’t have enough space for fitted wardrobes. They also look pretty chic when designed as part of the dresser. However, fixed wardrobes also have several advantages, such as durability.

Other factors to consider when choosing the wardrobe include whether you want sliding or hinged shutters. Also, do you want a loft for suitcases and extra boxes? Remember that adding mirrors to the wardrobe can make a small space look bigger.

Finding the perfect wardrobes
Standalone units look pretty chic.

Other Considerations

Generally, the six tips above should be enough to help you select the perfect bedroom furniture for your home. However, we just want to add that color combinations, lighting, and furnishings can be very important in achieving the perfect outcome. So, make sure to choose colors, lighting options, and furnishings that complement the style of the bed and your overall décor.

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