How to Easily Find Fireplace Design Ideas 

A living room with a white brick fireplace and a bench.

The fireplace is a critical area in the home. Whether in the traditional home or modern architecture, it’s often the focal point in the living room. Indeed, most homeowners design the home around the fireplace.

It means that you need the best fireplace design ideas for your home to stand out. If the fireplace is stale and uninspiring, the rest of the interior decor might become just as bad. Likewise, if the fireplace doesn’t set the mood, the rest of the space might become very chaotic.

Fortunately, you don’t need a sophisticated understanding of interior design to decorate your fireplace. We’ve rounded up seven easy ways to breathe new life into your fireplace to turn it into the centerpiece you want it to be.

1. Make it a grandfireplace

If you’re in the building phase and have the opportunity to choose what type of fireplace to create, one idea that tends to work well all the time is building a big fireplace. The reason is simple. The fireplace is the focal point of the room. It sets the theme. Thus, the right fireplace can make an ordinary room exceptional. A grand, traditional fireplace is one of the best choices for a centerpiece. It looks magnificent in large rooms with high ceilings and could be just what you need to make a statement.

Make it a grandfireplace

2. Choose an exposed red brick fireplace

If your living area is smaller or if you’re creating a cottage for some alone time, a great choice would be an exposed red brick fireplace. The main advantage of exposed red brick is that it brings the outdoors inside. If you love nature, you’ll be thrilled by a natural fire with a natural red brick backdrop. To draw eyeballs to the red brick, opt for neutral, light-colored walls. Also, rather than a complete mantelpiece, go for a picture. This makes the exposed red brick section stand out even more.

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Choose an exposed red brick fireplace 

3. Size the fireplace appropriately

There are no hard rules regarding the size, shape, and size of the fireplace, given that not all rooms are different. Moreover, other factors, such as light, ceiling height, and wall colors, are important too. However, it is also only sensible that you match the room and fireplace size. It makes no sense to squeeze a giant fireplace into a small room or set an overly small fireplace in a grand living room. Sometimes all you need is a mantelpiece painted to blend with the chimney breast.

Size the fireplace appropriately

4. Add a classic touch with Victorian elegance

Another fireplace design idea that works all the time is matching your fireplace with your property’s period. This might not be easy as most people aren’t aware of traditional architectures. However, you can check with the neighbors or an established company. Most Victorian fireplaces were heated with burning coal or logs. The fireplaces are also made of slate or marble though cast iron fireplaces with colorful tile inserts later became common.

Victorian elegance fireplace

5. Choose a stove inside the fireplace

A real fireplace with open flames is a beauty to reckon. It’s the ultimate dream for any homeowner. Unfortunately, real fireplaces are also expensive to build and maintenance-intensive. If you want to keep the feeling of having a fireplace in the house without the mess and associated expenses, a wood-burning stove would be an excellent alternative. Wood-burning stoves are simpler to maintain and also safer. They are also more eco-friendly. The best part is that you have endless options from which to choose.

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Choose a stove inside the fireplace

6. Turn the fireplace mantel into a display

A significant advantage of having a good fireplace mantel is that you can turn it into a majestic display where you can set family photos and some of your collections. Alternatively, the mantel itself could be the artwork! Some manufacturers design mantels so detailed that they look like a piece of artwork atop the fireplace. Remember that some fireplaces can also serve as storage spaces for your jewelry and other items. Some even hold the TV, while others are designed to hold the entire entertainment system.

Turn the fireplace mantel into a display

7. Have a fireplace in every room in the home

If you’re prepared to go big, a fireplace in every room in the home would be a major statement. However, the idea here is to see the fireplace as a means of decoration rather than a source of warmth inside the home. For instance, you don’t necessarily need a fireplace that produces heat in the kitchen as you might not have much space. However, you can bring in a decorative fireplace even in the smallest kitchen.

Have a fireplace in every room in the home


There are many other useful fireplace design ideas that you can consider. However, the above seven would be a great starting point.

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