Interior Design as an Art Form

A modern living room designed as an artful interior.

Interior design is an art form and sometimes the artists achieve a room that is innovative and unique or simply stylish.  These highly chic rooms contain elements that elevate their design to a level of style that makes us appreciate the art that goes into them.  Just like a painting or significant work of sculpture, a room design speaks to us.  Let’s take a look at some rooms that illustrate interior design as an art form.

A living room showcasing zebra print furniture and a large painting, exemplifying interior design as an art form.
Mixture of patterns and colors elevate this room (decoist)
A dining room displaying exquisite interior design with a table, chairs, and a chandelier.
Unique accessories and furnishings give this room a quirky style (blog.thenest)

Texture and vintage industrial items turn this home into a canvas of urban living.  Wood flooring and ceiling encase this room in rough-hewn splendor, while a cozy sofa plays against industrial-style furnishings and accessories.

A living room showcasing artistic interior design with a wooden floor and concrete walls.
Strong industrial vibes in this interior (home-designing)

Color, shape and a few unexpected elements bring out the personality of this room.  Classic chairs form the outer layers of this room, while abstract art and a cascading light fixture offer unexpected touches of shapely interest.  The pop of red is mirrored throughout the room in the art, chair and shelving.

Cool and classic modern interior
Cool and classic modern interior (bilbeea)

Interesting architectural elements, like this shelving unit/fireplace surround/room divider give this room much versatility.

A cozy living room with a wood burning stove showcasing interior design as an art form.
Unique architectural elements add to this interior’s unique aesthetic (homeae)

Pops of rich color stand out against a canvas of gray walls.  Wood tones add a natural element.  The unique coffee table takes center stage and throw pillows add softness to the straight lines of the furniture.

A living room with brown leather furniture showcasing interior design.
A comfortable and stylish interior (Houzz)

Unique modern furnishings infuse comfort and a touch of bohemian charm to this space.  The plaid sofa fabric is a play to classic design.

An artistically designed living room featuring blue couches and a black ceiling.
Unique and intriguing interior design (decoist)

This refreshing and modern bathroom takes nature to a new level.  Plush “grass” carpet and a glass tub are central to this room’s appeal.  Experimenting with different materials is the mark of an artist.

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A bathroom with a glass shower stall and green grass showcasing interior design as an art form.
Wonderful clear glass tub and green make this bathroom stand out (home-designing)

Creating a bit of natural magic in a home is always in style.  Plant walls offer just the right amount of nature to enhance this modern space.

An artistic living room with a moss wall.
Live green panels enhance this space with natural accents (modishspace)

The perfect balance of color gives a space immediate visual appeal, whether it is adorned in a vibrant mix or in neutrals.

A uniquely designed living room showcasing a fireplace and wooden walls, demonstrating interior design as an art form.
Cool architecture and beautiful balance equal a stunning interior (architecturebeast)

Color infuses life into a space and gives a room energy.

A living room designed with artistic interior.
Beautiful mixture of colors create an inspiring space (jasonballinteriors)

Pattern and details such as a blue ceiling give this room a cohesive and pleasing look.

A white table and chairs create an artful dining room.
Beautifully balanced dining room (

This blue kitchen radiates charm and sophisticated artistry.  The ceiling detail adds a note of art, while the chandelier enhances the space.  The flooring picks up the colors of the peacock feather on the ceiling as well, bringing the color scheme into harmony.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and a tiled ceiling showcasing interior design.
Blue kitchen has wonderful color and accents (serenitydesign.blogspot)

Quirky and out-of-the-ordinary objects project a certain humor into this room.

A living room showcasing interior design with a cow statue and painting.
Eclectic contemporary space (homedecor0.blogspot)

The magic of color combinations comes alive in this room of raspberry and soft green.  The mixture of color and pattern give this room an enchanting charm.

A cozy living room with two chairs and a fireplace, showcasing interior design as an art form.
Beautiful colors enhance this cozy corner (decoist)

Repeating shapes and themes in a room create a visual balance and give this dining space its appeal.  Notice how the branches in the vases, the tree sculpture and even the lamp mimic the painting.  The tree theme is carried through on the fabric of the chairs.

A creatively designed dining room with a table and chairs.
Vivid and chic dining room (Elle Décor via laurauinteriordesign)

Unique shapes give this room modern pizazz.

An artfully designed dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
Rustic details enhance this space (bestofinteriors)

A beautiful blending of color and shape brings overall appeal to this room.

An artistic living room with vibrant orange furniture against blue walls, showcasing interior design as an art form.
Lovely colors and shapes create a beautiful room (design4disaster)

Vivid colors make this room a stylish stand-out.

A vibrant home office showcasing a yellow desk, integrating interior design as an art form.
Wonderfully vibrant home office (decoist)

There is a great balance of pattern and color demonstrated with the throw pillows in this room.  The simple chic of this room is a great backdrop for the accent pillows.  The area rug defines the space, coordinating nicely.

The Versatile and Stylish Demilune Table
Keywords: Interior Design, Art Form
Modified Description: An artfully designed living room featuring a chevron rug.
Simple and effective interior design (yacineaziz)

Color creates movement and energy in this room.

A living room with an art-inspired interior design featuring many pictures on the wall.
Color creates energy in this space (memorabledecor)

Framed art is the centerpiece to this interior.  Simple furnishings augment this space, with accessories that provide color throughout the design.

An artful living room showcasing interior design.
Gallery walls and pops of color balance this room (decorcology)

Interior design is an art form that transforms ordinary rooms into extraordinary.  Some rooms just have the perfect balance of elements and offer a wide appeal.  When decorating your own home, think of it as a blank canvas and create something unique.


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