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Luxury home
Luxury home (

With the United States Powerball lottery up to $1.5 billion today, let’s take a moment to fantasize about the homes we desire; the homes that we would purchase if we won the Powerball lottery.  These luxury homes and amenities are the height of glamour and beauty.  Take a moment to dream a life of luxury and ponder the home of your fantasies.

Beautiful luxury home
Beautiful luxury home (dingmanphoto)


If you dream of living life like a celebrity, a beautiful mansion or luxury estate with all the amenities may be your choice of a home.  Complete with swimming pool and lush gardens, the luxury estate will cater to your every home desire.

Celebrity luxury home
Celebrity luxury home (idealcelebrityhomes)
Beautiful luxury estate home
Beautiful luxury estate home (sothesbysrealty)

For those with wanderlust, a villa in Italy’s countryside may be in order.  Live la dolce vita in a centuries old villa with elaborate architecture, expansive rooms and beautiful balconies overlooking the Italian countryside.

Italian luxury villa
Italian luxury villa (luxuryportfolio)
Italian villa style interior
Italian villa style interior (

If your idea of luxury is sipping iced tea while rocking on a sprawling front porch, a Southern plantation may be your dream home.  Lavish parties and outdoor barbecues, summer weddings and bustling holidays spent with friends and family can be enjoyed in one of these marvelous examples of Southern plantation living.

Southern mansion
Southern mansion (homebunch)
Beautiful Southern mansion
Beautiful Southern mansion (luxuryportfolio)
Classic Southern plantation home
Classic Southern plantation home (homestratosphere)
Southern home entrance hall
Southern home entrance hall (theglampad)
Southern home interior
Southern home interior (curbed)

If your heart soars toward the mountains, perhaps a luxury log cabin is your dream home.  Nestled in the peaks of snow-covered mountains, a home with expansive windows to take in the view is your wish.  Inside, beamed ceilings, hardwood floors and stone fireplaces enhance the home with rustic style.

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Luxury log cabin
Luxury log cabin (artshomeremodeling)
Log cabin interior
Log cabin interior (rockymountainloghomes)
Log home interior
Log home interior (montanaloghomes)

A luxury contemporary hillside home may be more your dream, with views from your outdoor heated swimming pool to the city below.

Modern luxury home
Modern luxury home (homedsgn)

For the urban-inspired home dweller the luxury penthouse in the city is home.  Paris, London or New York, the city skyline beckons to you.

Luxury penthouse interior
Luxury penthouse interior (chennaiinteriordecors)
City penthouse interior
City penthouse interior (updatedallas)

Perhaps you desire complete pampering in a luxury hotel penthouse; a hotel that you now own courtesy of your lottery winnings.

Penthouse interior
Penthouse interior (

Many dream of a luxury beach house surrounded by water and sand.  Light tropical breezes flow through your home just steps away from the beach.

Luxury beach house interior
Luxury beach house interior (luxuryretreats)
Luxury beach house interior
Luxury beach house interior (thejetlife)


There are amenities that can be added to a home to answer the call of luxury.  Perhaps you dream of an indoor swimming pool, where you can relax and wind down after a long day.

Luxury indoor swimming pool
Luxury indoor swimming pool (editionchicago)
Luxury indoor swimming pool
Luxury indoor swimming pool (home-designing)
Luxury indoor swimming pool
Luxury indoor swimming pool (

If you have the means, why not enjoy your very own bowling alley.  Not only a great setting for a party, but a fun pastime, bowling in the privacy of your own home (in your own shoes) has its advantages.

Home bowling alley
Home bowling alley (gmtodday)

If you’ve ever dreamed of a fantasy game room complete with pool table, bar, video games and even maybe pinball machines, now is your chance to live that dream.

Home game room
Home game room (daveperrymiller)

Luxuriate in your very own spa bathroom.  For the ultimate relaxation, outfit a large bathroom with all the amenities of a spa, such as a soaking tub, sauna or massage shower.

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Spa-like home bathroom
Spa-like home bathroom (cliffandcheri.wordpress)

For the cook, perhaps a luxury gourmet kitchen is the answer to your dreams.  Equipped with top of the line appliances and conveniences, the gourmet kitchen is the heart of the home.

Luxury kitchen
Luxury kitchen (luxurykitchendesigner)
Chef's kitchen
Chef’s kitchen (HGTV)

A well-stocked wine cellar is a luxury in which many would delight.  Perhaps you would even bottle your own, if a vineyard is your dream.

Luxury wine cellar
Luxury wine cellar (luxury4play)

So, what is your dream house?  A house on the beach, in the mountains, in the city or something off the beaten path?  Enjoy the fantasy and may your dreams live on.



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