Attic Spaces to Love

A cozy attic with a bed and a desk.

When you think of an attic, do you envision a dark cavernous space filled with neglected furniture and dusty corners occupied by spiders?  Well, the rooms featured here are not dark, dreary, dust-filled spaces.  These attic rooms have been converted to bedrooms, recreation rooms, children’s playrooms, retreats and even apartments.  Odd angles, interesting window niches or dormers all make these rooms unique.  These attic spaces are fun, functional and inspiring.

A living room with blue accents.
A bright attic retreat (decorpad)
A living room with pink walls and a chandelier in an attic space.
A sweet feminine attic retreat (mommynoire)
A white couch and pink ottoman in a living room.
A perfect little corner of attic space (homedit)
A white attic living room with a chandelier.
A beautiful attic room (bjdhausdesign.BlogSpot)
A living room with bookshelves in an attic space.
An attic room perfect for relaxing or casual entertaining (nijihomedesign)

The attic is the perfect space to convert into an additional bedroom.  Carving out a guest bedroom, a child’s room or even a new master suite in the attic is a great use of space.  Having a bedroom in the attic space allows for privacy as well.  Configuring the furniture around dormer windows can be a challenge, but the right pieces will fall into place.  Be sure to take proper measurements before adding furniture to ensure the correct fit.

A bed can be tucked into a corner or lined up underneath dormer windows.  A desk or dresser work well in the dormer space also.  These niches give the attic bedroom character and structure.  Work within the space you have and add windows or skylights if possible.

A cozy attic room with a bed and a bedside table.
Stylish dormer bedroom (maisonidee)
A white and green bedroom with a bed and bookshelves in an attic space to love.
Cozy and colorful attic bedroom (shelterness)
A white bed and white dresser in an attic bedroom.
Romantic attic bedroom (room-decorating-ideas)
A bedroom with blue accents in an attic space.
Soothing attic bedroom (Houzz)
Attic bedroom with bed and desk.
Sophisticated attic bedroom (Houzz)
An attic bedroom with a white rug.
Fresh attic bedroom (
A bedroom with green accents.
Cozy attic bedroom (Houzz)
An attic bedroom with a bed and chandelier, perfect for those who love attic spaces.
Lovely attic bedroom (wohnideen-minimalisti)

Attic apartments are the perfect abode for the teenager, an in-law suite or a place for guests.  You can even rent out the space to boarders.  Depending on the size of the attic, you can include a sitting area, bed and dining space.  Of course, adding a small bath and kitchen area is an option but will require a bit more work and perhaps a contractor.

An attic living room with a white couch and bookshelf, perfect for attic spaces.
Bright attic apartment (home-designing)
A cozy attic living room with colorful rug and bookshelves.
Fresh and light attic apartment (freshome)
An attic bedroom featuring a bed and a bathtub, perfect for those who adore cozy and unique attic spaces.
Modern attic apartment (bedroomdesignideas)
Attic living room with white walls and wooden floors in a space to love.
Stylish attic apartment (home-designing)
A living room with a ceiling fan.
A cozy attic space (kitchendesign2015)

If your family is outgrowing your home, you may consider converting the attic into a child’s bedroom or playroom.  If growing siblings require more private space, this is always an option.  The attic makes a great space for children to play.  Building shelving and storage bins keeps toys and games organized when not in use.  The extra room could also be used when children have sleepovers with friends.  They will feel like they have their own little hotel suite!

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A bedroom with purple walls and white furniture in an attic space.
Sweet girls’ attic bedroom (flickr)
Attic bedroom with two beds and a rug.
Charming attic bedroom for kids (thisoldhouse)
A child's room with bookshelves.
Organized kids’ attic playroom (onekindesign)

Attic recreation rooms are a popular option.  The perfect spot for a pool table, the attic space converts easily to an adult playroom.  If space permits, you can even include a bar, a large-screen television and game tables.

The attic can be transformed into a theatre or entertainment room as well.  A large-screen television and comfortable seating turns the attic into the perfect spot for an evening in.  A room that combines a play area, games and television can be achieved with careful space planning.

Two people playing a game of pool in an attic log cabin.
Attic recreation room (Houzz)
A living room with brown walls and a tv in an attic space.
Attic entertainment room (inspiringinteriorideas)
An attic room with a ping pong table and TV, perfect for attic spaces to love.
Attic recreation room (metergalery)
An attic with a pool table and a fireplace.
Attic recreation room (decoist)
Attic space featuring cozy couches and a television.
Attic theatre room (

Some of us desire an in-home retreat, a place where we can go to be alone or share with others for casual entertainment.  This space can be used as a reading nook, a spot to share a beverage or enjoy a quiet moment to reflect.  You can make it cozy with comfortable seating, storage space and lighting.

A blue and white room with a red and blue rug in an attic space.
A cozy attic dormer retreat (decorpad)
A black and white striped rug for Attic Spaces
A relaxing attic retreat (
A purple room with a white couch.
A cozy attic retreat for her (inspiringinteriorideas)
Attic bedroom with white walls and a ceiling fan - Attic Spaces to Love.
A place to relax and unwind in the attic (
A living room with couches and a coffee table in a cozy attic space.
An attic room ready for relaxing or casual entertaining (maisonidee)
A living room with vaulted ceilings.
A cozy attic room to relax (idecorsz)
Attic bedroom with cozy beds.
A fresh attic space (diycozyhome)
A cozy living room with comfortable couches and a TV.
A cozy spot to relax in the attic room (vanelibg)
A cozy living room with a fireplace.
An attic space ready for relaxing (decoist)
A living room with green bookshelves.
A cozy attic room (faburous)

The attic can be converted into a spot for relaxing, entertaining, playing or sleeping.  There are so many great uses for this space; to turn it from a dark and dusty neglected space into an enjoyable extra room in the home.  Take a look around your attic and envision something fresh and different.


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