Why You Should Live in an Attic Apartment

An attic apartment with wood beams and a desk.

The type of house you live in has a major impact on your private life and work place pressure. Everybody needs to live in a place which provides peace and relaxation. For this purpose an attic apartment is a great choice! Before you move to an attic apartment make sure that the building is very well insulated.

An attic bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
Cosy living

Attic apartments provide a cosy atmosphere. They are often less spacious but they are always welcoming. Drinking coffee in front of a window can be an intimate moment. You can also create a bohemian atmosphere for your family while living in an attic apartment.

An attic apartment with a white couch and blue chairs.
Natural light

It is a well-known phenomenon that attic apartments have Velux windows. Natural light is essential for a human being’s wellbeing and having access to light will increase your performance and decrease stress. Velux windows are often stylish and if you are lucky enough you can get a great view.

Attic apartment with a white kitchen and dining area.

Attic apartments bring privacy. You are not disturbed by other people. It is always good to have time for yourself and it is even better to spend quality time with your family.

An attic apartment with wood beams and a desk.

By living in an attic apartment, it helps in developing and boosting your creativity. All you require is a big window that brings in natural light and a comfortable chair. In no time different ideas will be gushing in your brain.

A cozy attic apartment featuring a living room with a skylight and bookshelves.
Reading nook

Sloped wall is a perfect place for a reading nook. You can add bookshelves, some magazines, comfortable seating and pillows. It is advisable to create a reading corner near natural light.

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