How to properly disinfect your home

A man disinfecting a living room with a bucket full of cleaning supplies.

One of the things the virus epidemic has taught us is the urgent need to keep it clean. First of all, clean hands and items that we use often, and then places we stay. However, higher purity measures should be observed in everyday life, regardless of the appearance of the virus.

Our lives are very active and intertwined with numerous encounters. Like it or not, we come in contact with bacteria every minute. They are not all harmful or dangerous, but the difference in whether we bring them into the body is in our behavior. Here are some tips on how to properly clean and disinfect your home to make your living space safer.

Cleaning instructions

Before the start, it’s important to make proper preparation. It is highly recommended to wear a mask and protective gloves before embarking on a cleaning job. This will prevent contact with harmful bacteria or inhaling them, and it will keep the skin on your hands from bruising.

Two pictures of a woman in a pink apron disinfecting dishes.
Wearing protective gloves will help keep your cleaning venture safe for you

Next, while cleaning your home, all windows should be open (or at least most of them). This will provide enough fresh air, and the disinfectant vapor will not irritate your eyes or airways. In the case of the space that doesn’t have a window, ventilation must be switched on.

Often, when cleaning, the floor is forgotten or just vacuumed. It would be proper to clean it with detergent and then disinfect it thoroughly.


A woman is disinfecting her home with a bucket of cleaning supplies.
When cleaning the bathroom, keep an eye out for the edges and hidden areas where germs can linger

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, the toilets, including the toilet bowl and all available surfaces in the toilet, should be cleaned with detergent and then disinfected afterward. You can use cleaners that already have a disinfectant in it or subsequently apply a disinfectant. Health care organizations nevertheless point out that spray agents are not the best solution because spraying can contribute to the spread of the virus itself.

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Bedding, pillows, blankets, blankets, and all other fabrics should be washed on a 90-degree program or at least 60, depending on the material, using only laundry detergent. This is especially important if you or someone in the family had a virus. In places where the infected person was lying could be traces of the virus, and it can be transmitted to another person or reactivate the sickness of the same person.

A woman cleaning supplies.
If you want a really clean home you have to disinfect it, scented cleaners are not enough

After cleaning the home, the cloths you used should also be washed at 90 degrees, while gloves and masks should be put in a plastic bag and thrown in the trash.

Important instructions

All instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of the detergent must be followed. If it says that the product should be held for 15 minutes or longer, do not rush to rinse. This will reduce the effectiveness of the agent and will not achieve the desired effect. Remember, just because something is seemingly pure does not necessarily mean that it’s true.

Asian woman disinfecting the living room with a mop.
After vacuuming, be sure to disinfect the floor

Do not mix different cleaners, use one at a time. Their interaction may impair their effectiveness. Finally, a disinfectant containing one of the following active substances should be selected for disinfection. These are Sodium hypochlorite (0.05 – 0.5%), Ethanol (70%), Glutaraldehyde (2%), Isopropanol (50%), Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%) and Sodium chlorite (0.23%).

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