Creating a Tropical Paradise at Home

If you don’t live in a tropical climate and your exposure to stunning tropical places is limited to holidays and your imagination, you can bring some of that paradise to your home.

Walls washed with bold pastel tones create a beachy feel (

The simplest and most effective way to give your home a tropical twist is to bring big, bright plants indoors. Real plants will provide a more authentic feeling and scent, but artificial plants may be a better low-maintenance solution.

Use plants to dictate your colour palette, like this green-accented monochrome living space (
Vary the height and shape of your plants to add texture and create your own ‘jungle’ (

Feature wallpaper is another way to bring those bright and tropical hues into your home without the responsibility of live plants. Large print wallpaper in small amounts can become a really striking feature that leads the entire room.

Displaying decorative artefacts and art on the floor is casual and effortless (
A small but bold feature wall can have a major impact on the room (

If you enjoy travelling and you get to do it often, bring home artefacts from your adventures and display them in your home as an authentic reminder and piece of art that keeps your memories alive.

Mix colours, textures, and heights for a classy and understated look (
Give your favourite artefacts pride of place in your home (
Tropical prints can add a fast and flawless tropical twist to any home (
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