8 Ways to Improve Air Circulation of Your Home

Ventilation and proper air circulation of your home are necessary for all houses to be breathable. It does not matter what country is where your home is. A dreadfully ventilated space averts the fresh air from flowing in and indoor pollutants like emission from gas range, specks of dust, pollen, and fibers from going out. With all that adds a factor to humidity which may resort to uncomfortable space and an environment where mold, mildew, and bacteria thrive.

We do not want that, do we? So it is important to have our home properly ventilated. Here’s how you could improve air circulation within your home space.

Centralized Cooling System

By far, this is the most efficient and modern way to circulate cool air through the entire home space. It is easy to use as you can operate it from a single panel where you could control the levels of room temperature. It also uses air filters that act as agents that boost the quality of air and at the same time, eliminate dust, lint, pollen, and other material that disfigure the air quality.

A living room with white furniture and a ceiling fan that promotes air circulation of your home.

Ceiling Fans

If you wanted to try a more traditional approach, then ceiling fans may be your preference. Although its function for air circulation is only limited to a room in which it is installed but still it provides more cooling and wind chill effect, making our home comfortable for us to live in.

A ventilated roof for improved air circulation of your home.

Attic Vents

If ever your house has an attic, it would be wise to install a vent. An attic without proper ventilation traps stagnant air and heat especially during the summer season, which could penetrate the attic floors and eventually affecting the entire house.

Importance of Re-Aligning Your Living Room

Make Use of Windows and Sliding Doors

Whether you are situated in urban or rural areas, making use of your windows is the easiest way to maintain air circulation within the four corners of your home. If you ever have a balcony or a terrace, perhaps try opening those sliding doors to let the airflow through your home space gradually decreasing the room temperature. As they say, nothing beats the fresh air and natural coolness of it.

Vents and Exhaust

Vents and exhaust fans are possibly one of the best components to use in improving air circulation. Our kitchen produces excessive heat for the fact that it features most appliances used in storing and preparing our food, therefore, it is wise to install exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are there to draw out the stagnant air and heat and it doubles as an agent in removing air pollutants. Installing vents and exhaust fans in a bathroom and laundry room is ideal as it eliminates stale, impurities, and humid air thus greatly impacting the quality of indoor air.

Thanks to the continuous innovation in technology, modern range hood, and extractor fans are available in the market for consumers to help them effectively employ ventilation within their home spaces.

Shifting to LED Lights

It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of a science trivia. Did you that that Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED are the three major electrical lighting technologies available in the market? And of the three, LED produces most lumens per watt while capable of producing the least heat. Try considering shifting to LED lights if you are looking at ways to cool and improve air ventilation in your home.

The classic beauty of vintage kitchens

Oh, and by the way, regardless of what lighting technology you have, they still produce heat so don’t forget to switch off the lights if they are not in use. It is a smart and practical way to cool your home.

Indoor Plants

We all know that indoor plants are the best when it comes to improving the air quality inside our home space, but they are more than just that. Did you know that plants are considered natural ventilation? The fun fact is, they take in toxins and carbon dioxide off from the air and have it synthesize into fresh and cleaner oxygenated air.

Avoid Clutter

A clutter build-up not only makes our home looks disorganized and crowded but, believe it or not, clutter can be an element that reduces the flow of air. They can also be roadblocks that prohibit the chemical clearing of air circulation benefits.

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