Five Quick Ways to Add Color to Your Home

A cozy living room with colorful couches and a stone fireplace.

A splash of color can add life and interest to any room in the house and it doesn’t take an entire make-over to get it.  Art, pillows and textiles, accessories, wallpaper and paint, and colorful area rugs are just five quick ways to add color to your home.

A living room with a vibrant painting on the wall.            A living room with vibrant yellow furniture and a contrasting black and white rug.

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Whether it is a masterpiece painting, a vivid poster, or a nicely framed piece of children’s artwork, art can add color and dimension to your space.  Consider the colors in your room to choose art that picks up those colors or provides a contrast.  Hang a large piece or a grouping of many smaller ones for maximum impact.

A living room with vibrant green curtains and earth-toned brown furniture.Photo courtesy of

Accent pillows and colorful throws add bursts of color as well as comfort and texture to a room.  Choose pillows and throws in complementary colors from existing furnishings and window treatments, or add a balance of vibrant prints and solids to neutral furnishings.

A white couch in front of a rug with colorful stripes.

Make a bold statement with accessories, such as large vases and decorative containers.  Group smaller accessories together or group with a larger piece.  Use trays to display items on a tabletop.

A rug in a living room.      A colorful living room with a peacock feather rug.

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An area rug is a quick fix for added color to any room.  The area rug will also anchor the space and add visual depth.

A colorful living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.            A living room with two chairs, an ottoman, and a chandelier.

Wallpaper and paint can do wonders for a lackluster room.  If you don’t want to invest in the cost and effort to wallpaper or paint an entire room, there are ways around this.  Painting or papering one wall, behind bookshelves and cabinet shelves, or even painting the ceiling, can add color in unexpected places.

Sunroom Designs to Brighten Your Home


Keep additional colors to a maximum of three for a uniform look.  Take color cues from existing furnishings and fabrics, using the same or contrasting colors.  With minimal effort and cost, you can add color to your home.

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