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The Allure of Casual Elegance in Interior Design

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Casual elegance is an interior design style that is understated, warm and inviting.  It is the simple side of elegance.  Much like wearing pearls with jeans, casual elegance is comfortable with an edge of sophistication and refinement.

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To achieve the look of casual elegance requires a balance of comfortable pieces with the more luxurious.  It requires a light touch on embellishment; refined pieces and fabrics used in simple ways.  Long silk panels at the windows, cashmere throws laid across stools or sofas, a beautiful crystal chandelier all point to elegance.




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A subdued color palette is the route that most designers take when composing an interior of casual elegance.  Soft gray-blue, creamy beiges and pale greens lend themselves well to refined casual interiors.  These lighter interiors evoke comfort and form a perfect background for welcoming luxury.

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Photos courtesy of BHG.com

Imagine a living room that welcomes you with comfortable seating and thrills you with simple touches of elegance, like an elegantly framed painting or silk pillows.  Imagine sitting down to dinner at a distressed farm table and eating from the finest china and crystal, placing a linen napkin on your lap.  Imagine a mahogany bed dressed in the finest sheets and a matelassé coverlet, while white silk sheers blow in the breeze from the windows and the sun catches the light of the crystal chandelier.

Coffee Table Alternatives

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Dining table photo, Southern Living, Photographer Lauren Rubenstein.  Living room photo, Daily Dream Decor

Casual elegance is the finest materials balanced with comfort, welcoming in its charm.  It is a way of life that embraces luxury but does not take it too seriously.  Capturing the essence of casual elegance in your home is just a matter of balancing your comfort with those extra touches of luxury that make your space refined and chic.






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