10 Fireplace Design Trends In 2021 

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As fall is rolling in, more people are lighting up their fireplaces to warm up their homes. Although a fireplace is practical to have, especially for the colder seasons, they’re also attractive features for your home.  

Fireplace design trends have evolved from more traditional-looking ones to more sleek and modern designs throughout the years. As you can see from European Home fireplaces, there are many styles nowadays, such as single-sided, double-sided, and even three-sided fireplaces, and more.   

In the year 2021, a wide variety of designs are currently trending because classic, rustic, and cutting-edge styles meet different tastes. To get to know which fireplaces are the most stylish for the year, take a look at the list below:   

Modern Black Brick Fireplaces

Brick has always been an attractive choice for walls in homes, but also for fireplaces. However, although exposed brick is a staple in terms of materials, painted brick is also quite popular. If you have a brick fireplace, painting it black can transform it into a more modern and sleeker look.   

Darker colors can provide so much more contrast to whatever color your walls are. But a fireplace can make the fire look brighter, making it more attention-grabbing when lit up.   

Electric Fireplaces

Another way to underline that your home has embraced modernity is to go with an electric fireplace. Usually, these use LED lighting and gives you a very realistic-looking and sounding fire in your home. Dimplex fireplaces have sleeker designs, as you could get them in frameless or even three-sided styles. If simplicity and minimalism suit your style and modern living, an electric fireplace is a way to go. 

Rooms that are Outdoors

Stone Fireplaces

But modern styles aren’t the only ones trending in 2021 since rustic and traditional styles are still quite popular. Stone fireplaces have a classic look that gives off a more cabin-like feel. And depending on how you stack the fireplaces, it can even look sleek, simple, and sophisticated: mainly if the stone is used as a feature. And because it’s stone, it’s hardy and could last you longer than other materials. They’re also easier to clean because you don’t have to worry about damaging them by scrubbing.  

Outdoor Fireplaces

With people spending more time at home, getting an outdoor fireplace might help you spend a bit more time outside, even in colder weather. With a fireplace in your backyard, you could do a lot of fun activities with friends and family. It also helps homeowners worry less about cleaning up after because you don’t have to worry all that much about soot stains when you’re outside. 

Wooden White Fireplaces

Another classic material that won’t go out of style anytime soon is white wood. While it’s a real commitment to keep a white fireplace as immaculate as possible, it’s also a striking design choice that evokes class and sophistication. If you don’t plan to use your fireplace anyway and want to use it for decorative purposes, going for a white fireplace will be a fantastic design choice. 

 Rustic Wooden Fireplaces With A Natural Finish

While wood can look sleek and classic, it can also look more rustic. Depending on the type of wood you plan to use, you could achieve the rough and raw charm that you can get from a mountain or forest house. Keeping the natural finish is the best feature around this kind of fireplace; make sure that you first use wood, brick, iron, or other fireproof materials for the central fireplace.  

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See-Through Fireplaces

Fireplaces can look boring because they usually look pretty similar. If you’re looking for something new and unique, a see-through fireplace might be the perfect one for your home. These kinds of fireplaces are see-through because made of glass, so they can either be multi-sided or two-sided. And being modern choices, you could light these up using wood, propane, or even electricity.    

Fireplaces With Dark Or Light Wood Mantles

The fireplace isn’t always the only star of the show because mantles are great functional additions. It adds storage and even framing to the fireplace for a bit of an accent. Wooden mantles are fantastic because they don’t conduct heat, so you won’t have to worry about incurring any form of burnt.

Depending on the primary materials used for the fireplace, you could add contrast by adding light or dark wooden mantles. Have them painted if you want a more solid color; however, natural finishes will also look fantastic, especially for beautiful and expensive lumber.   

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Marble Fireplaces With White Paneling

Marble fireplaces with white paneling scream opulence. While it’s scary to have a white wooden fireplace, clean-up isn’t something you must worry about because marble is easier to clean. It also lasts for a long time and is resistant to heat and fire. Marble isn’t just pretty; it’s also quite durable and practical. And design-wise, it can match different styles like French or Roman.  

 Red Brick Fireplaces

Redbrick fireplaces will probably not go out of style. There is something about red brick that looks raw and eye-catching; It fits all architectural styles, such as industrial and rustic. And it’s also easy to maintain and durable: so it can last you a long time.  

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If you plan to give your fireplace a makeover, there are different trendy choices you could try out. Classic and traditional designs will always be in demand because they fit most architectural styles at home. But there are more modern and sleeker styles that might use more advanced technology or even more expensive materials.  

Either way, the design and function of the fireplace are essential when choosing the right one to go in your home. And remember that trends are everchanging, so it’s probably best to stay true to your taste. It will help you find a fireplace that you’ll like no matter what.

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