Best Portable Power Generators for Everyday Use

Two honda generators providing portable power in front of a house.

Portable power generators are the best option for numerous reasons. You can easily carry along a portable power generator with you. Portable power generators can be used as a quick power source in the event of an outage in power or as your primary source of energy for a camping trip, RV, or even in your cabin during your trips.

The most efficient portable power generators are powered by propane, gasoline diesel, natural gas, or diesel. The location you intend to utilize the generator and the kind of fuel you prefer are major factors in deciding the best portable power generator brand.

Generally portable power generators are either powered by electricity or gasoline. The gasoline-powered models tend to be much heavier, and therefore more effective than electricity ones. Due to this, gasoline-powered units are usually more suitable for use in extreme weather conditions or usage in remote or remote camping areas. Apart from being able to run the campfire or heat your camping area, gas models allow you to operate the lights and appliances as well as an entertainment system when you’re out in the wild.

Some of the best portable power generators include:

Generac IQ3500

It is a French producer of power generation equipment for portable use as an eco-friendly method of conserving energy. They have the Envirolet brand that uses environmentally efficient ways to generate electricity using recycled and renewable materials.

They are durable and provide a reliable energy source. Additionally, generac generators can run various appliances simultaneously.

This makes it ideal for both job sites and home usage.

Honda EU2200i Companion

If you’re in search of an efficient generator that is light and small in size, then you may be interested in the Honda generator. Honda generators are known to be more reliable than the majority of other brands. This generator comes in small compact size and it is fully enclosed for easy storage and transportation.

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The generator has an eco-mode which reduces engine speed as well as lowering sound levels.

The power start on/off button doubles as the fuel shutoff making it convenient to operate. You can close the vent on the gas cap to contain fuel and fumes .

It makes it ideal for home use and outdoor activities due to the low noise levels from the generator.

Predator 9500

One of the most significant issues in portable generators is that many users try using just one small generator to cut costs. It is essential to do some research on portable power generators available in the market and how to use them.

Small generators will typically have enough power to use on a few appliances or just as an emergency backup.

The predator is capable of powering major appliances in the house. The heavy-duty generator comes with wheels for ease of movement. Due to consistent power supply, the predator is ideal for powering home appliances such as phones as well as major systems.

It makes it ideal for a construction site as well as home usage.

Champion 5500 Dual Fuel

The champion portable generator offers the option of either using gasoline or propane. Switching to either mode is easy and seamless. It makes the Champion Dual Fuel power generator ideal for emergency situations for example during a storm.

The generator has an electric start button that will deliver reliable energy. It makes it ideal for your home, RV, campsite, and construction site.

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel

The DuroMax XP12000EH comes with an impressive 9,500-watt capacity for running as well as an additional 2500-watts of power capacity when it starts. These numbers will allow you to be able run the majority, if not allcritical circuits in a smaller-sized house even during power outages.

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With an electric start feature for ease of use The XP12000EH is able to operate on propane or gasoline and provides an additional option to fuel in the event of a need. Also, if you have a large camper, it comes with a 50-amp RV receptacle that allows you to run completely off grid.

Ideal for camping and home use.

Briggs & Stratton 3,500 Portable

The Briggs & Stratton portable power generator comes with a handle that folds up. Additionally, it has wheels that allow for easy movement and positioning of the generator. Setting it up becomes quick and simple. It has a convenient fuel gauge that is built into the front of the tank. It helps to keep tabs with the fuel available.

The most important thing is that it has a CO Guard. It shuts off the engine in the event that CO levels become too high in the vicinity of the generator. It can help to prevent death related incidents caused by CO poisoning.  Ideal for home use since it can use various devices simultaneously.

If you’re looking into different kinds of portable power generators to purchase, one that is powered by gas is thought to be superior to electric generators because of its lower energy usage. Choosing the correct model of portable generator ensures that you’ll be able to operate the device for a lengthy period of time.

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