Exploring Futuristic Interior Design

A white living room showcasing futuristic interior design.

Interior design encompasses a myriad of styles.  There is a world of discovery out there for those that are interested.  And within that expansive world there are designs that transcend a particular niche and can only be described as surreal or futuristic.  You may also consider this realm of interior design as cutting edge or avant-garde.  One thing is for certain, however.  The designs featured here are beyond the norm and are highly imaginative. One good example of these designs is the bubble chair. Eero Aarnio created his famous Bubble Chair in 1963 and since then it’s one of the most sought after designs.

Two white chairs in front of a wall with a geometric pattern, showcasing futuristic interior design.
The famous Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio

Explore these interiors and get a glimpse into the unique and unusual in interior design. This may remind you of a science fiction movie.

A futuristic room with vibrant colors.
Surreal interior (redbiter.deviantart)

The unique puzzle wall makes a strong statement and ties the colors of the room together.

An orange and gray living room with puzzle pieces on the wall, exploring futuristic interior design.
Futuristic interior design (sistamoments)

The curves in this space enhance the flow and create a surreal but functional environment.

A futuristic kitchen with a sink and a slide.
Futuristic interior (thedesignsoc)

This steampunk interior is imaginative and pays homage to Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

A futuristic kitchen with a large island and lots of lights.
Surreal interior (homedsgn)
A futuristic kitchen with a lot of gears in it.
Surreal, steampunk interior (idesignarch)

The organic shapes within this architecture are intriguing and boast mid-century appeal.

A futuristic house interior featuring a large rock wall.
Surreal interior (home-designing)

This two-level bedroom features bright color contrasts that lift the space.  The globe lighting and quilted effect on the railing and stairs lend softness to the otherwise straight lines.

A futuristic room with a bed and a staircase.
Futuristic design (billydsgn)

A futuristic bedroom perfect for the imaginative boy who dreams of far away worlds.

A futuristic bedroom with blue lighting showcasing futuristic interior design.
Futuristic design (dannvanders.deviantart)

The architecture gives this space a futuristic feel, while modern furniture carries the look.

A modern dining room with a black table and chairs exploring futuristic interior design.
Futuristic design (trendir)

Modern fixtures accent this uniquely shaped room.  The texture of the walls against the smooth surface of the flooring creates an interesting contrast.

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A futuristic bathroom with a toilet and sink.
Futuristic bathroom design (decobizz)

This design resembles a setting for a spaceship sleeping chamber.  The curvy floor treatment mimics the architectural curves and the pink neon lighting accents the space.

A futuristic room with a zebra print floor.
Surreal, futuristic design (vangviet)

A clean and crisp space with unique ceiling angles.

Keyword: Futuristic Bedroom
Futuristic design (allofdesign.net)

A very clean, fuss-free functional space.

A futuristic living room with a TV and a dining table.
Futuristic interior design (digsdigs)

Curved furniture and strong geometric wall features carry this design to the future.  The honey wood flooring gives this space warmth.

A white living room with a futuristically designed chair.
Light-filled futuristic interior (homedecoraz.wordpress)

A mix of white tones mixed with light wood accents gives this space warmth and depth.  The unique light fixture and sculptured furniture speak to futuristic design.  The marble flooring adds a touch of elegance.

A futuristic 3d rendering of a modern living room with white furniture.
Light open futuristic design (homedesignideas)

This room is inspired by ocean waves.  You get the distinct impression of being in the wave curve.

A futuristic room with blue chairs.
Wave-inspired interior design (lushome)

Metallic surfaces mixed with wood bring interest, texture and contrast to this futuristic design.

A 3D rendering exploring futuristic interior design in a modern conference room.
Futuristic interior design (download3dhouse)

A comfortable spot to watch TV.  The green enhances the space, bringing in contrast and interest.  The curves create a softness, while the green lines lead one’s eye to those curves.

A modern living room exploring futuristic interior design.
Futuristic design (interior24.net)

This space is purely modern but has characteristics of futuristic design with the contribution of the blue seating.

A futuristic blue leather chair in a living room.
Futuristic design elements (billydsgn)

Interesting shapes and colors enhance this space that is surreal in its overall appeal, as shapes appear to dance across the room.

A 3D rendering of a futuristic room with colorful walls and furniture.
Futuristic design (mrliu.co)

The ceiling of this space lends a very futuristic appeal, while lighting fixtures are more surreal or avant-garde.  The mid-century furnishings mesh well with the space.

A modern living room featuring futuristic furniture.
Futuristic elements in this design (bestofinteriors)

This fireplace is very surreal in appearance with its organic design.  A statement piece to be sure!

A black fireplace with a futuristic dragon on it.
Surreal fireplace design (Pinterest)

This bathroom is Art Nouveau mixed with a bit of surrealism in the winding circular patterns of the floor and doorways.  The high-back claw-foot bathtub is the perfect centerpiece to this room.

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A futuristic bathroom with a bathtub and a mirror.
Surreal bathroom design (smalldesignideas)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your journey through the future and have recognized the art and creativity that have gone into the creation of these spaces.  These may inspire a few ideas for your own interiors and lead you to discover new design ideas and aesthetics.  Have fun on your journey.


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