Give a touch of creativity to your home with the wall stickers

Wall decal featuring inspirational message and adorned with wall stickers.

If you want to give a personal touch of character, originality and style to your home, one of the best and, at the same time, most easy, simple and economic way is the use of the vynil wall stickers. On the market there is a wide variety of wall stickers, so it’s very easy to find those that better suit and match your home decor. A wallsticker is a decorative element that can enhance and boost the style of every room of your home. It is also very easy to be applied and to be removed, so it’s perfect if you want change quickly the style and decor of your home. Take a look at our gallery and be inspired by these amazing decorations!

  1. Wall stickers with famous quotes. A great solution is to choose a wall sticker with your favorite quote. This type of wall stickers can be perfectly adapt at any different room, from the living rooms to the bedrooms, from the kitchen to the bathrooms
    There is nothing like a dream to create the future wall decal.
    original vinyl wall stickers with Victor Hugo quote
    A wall stickers decal for your home's hopes and dreams.
    modern Living room decorated with a giant wall sticker
    A living room with genius wall stickers.
    beautiful vinyl wall sticker quote
    A love and laughter wall sticker decal.
    live-laugh-love wall sticker
    A living room with a wall stickers saying life is not waiting to dance in the rain.
    stunning wall sticker for living room
    A red couch in front of a wall adorned with wall stickers.
    beautiful wall sticker quotes
    Transform your workspace with wall stickers to create an environment that inspires great work and reflects your passion.
    vinyl wall sticker with Steve Jobs quote
    Stay hungry stay foolish wall stickers.
    Steve Jobs quote
    A white couch against a black wall, adorned with wall stickers.
    decorate your home with the wall stickers
    Shakespeare wall sticker with a timeless quote.
    william shakespeare vinyl wall stickers
    Martin Luther King wall stickers.
    superb wall sticker with martin luther king quote
    The less i needed the better i felt charles dickens quote wall sticker.
    wall sticker with bukowski quotes
    In my house, wall stickers have made me the boss while my wife remains the decision maker.
    woody allen vinyl wall stickers
    If you can dream it, you can do it wall stickers.
    walt disney quote
    People who love to eat are always the best people who decorate their walls with wall stickers.
    original vinyl wall stickers

    A day without wall stickers is a day wasted.
    wall art decoration with charlie chaplin quotes
  2. Wall stickers with floral motifs. The trees, the leaves , or simply a flowering branch can decorate with romance , grace and style any space of your home
    A hallway with black and green hibiscus flower wall decals enhanced by wall stickers.
    amazing way for decorating an entryway with flower stencils
    A yellow couch with wall stickers in a living room.
    floral motif wall sticker
    Wall stickers featuring dandelion.
    flowers wall stickers
    Tree wall stickers in a living room.
    unique wall sticker for amazing modern home
    A bedroom with a bed and a wall decal featuring annie love annie.
    beautiful way to decorate a bedroom with the wall stickers
    A black and white bedroom with a tree wall decal and wall stickers.
    elegant tree wall sticker

    A dining room with yellow chairs and green wall stickers.
    creative ideas for decorating your home with wall stickers
  3. Wall stickers with the copy of famous art works. A stunning idea is to choose the copy of famous art works, such as the street art works of Bansky
    A woman cleaning a room wall sticker.
    Incredible Banksy wall sticker
    A girl holding a red balloon depicted on a wall decal.
    wall sticker banksy, girl with heart-balloon

    A woman cleaning chimney wall stickers.
    Terrific wall Sticker with Banksy Waitress
  4. Wall stickers with geometric motifs. If you prefer a modern and contemporary effect, the best solution is to choose a wall sticker with geometric shapes such these
    A bedroom with a bed and wall stickers of circles.
    geometric wall sticker for bedroom

    A bedroom with black and white wall stickers and a bed.
    elegant geometric wall decoration
  5. Wall sticker with ironic sentences. If you are looking for a funny and original effect, nothing is better that to choose and apply on your wall an humoristic phrase
    Life begins after coffee wall decal featuring coffee-inspired wall stickers.
    amazing and original wall sticker
    A bedroom with a bed and wall stickers, including a decal that says
    funny wall sticker for a contemporary bedroom
    Today I don't feel like anything but wall stickers.
    creative wall sticker for modern bedrooms
    Hell's Kitchen wall decal featuring wall stickers.
    Ironic wall sticker for the kitchen
    A dining room wall decal with forks and spoons, also known as wall stickers.
    creative wall stencils for the dining room
    A light switch decorated with wall stickers depicting a group of people.
    funny wall sticker
    A bathroom with a bathtub and wall stickers.
    original vinyl wall stickers for bathroom
    Wall stickers to wash your troubles away.
    original wall sticker for the bathroom
    Keep calm and have a wall sticker bath decal.
    keep calm wall sticker

    A living room with music notes wall stickers.
    creative and funny removable wall sticker
  6. Animal shaped wall sticker. Another creative solution is to opt for a wall sticker shaped as your favourite animal. This type of wall sticker is particulary fitting for the kids room
    A living room with wall stickers of cats.
    animal wall sticker
    A butterfly wall sticker.
    butterfly wall stickers

    A lion head wall sticker in a living room.
    impressive wall sticker shaped a s a lion
  7. Wall stickers with names or words. Another intersting solution is to apply on your wall the name of something important for you, such as your name or the name of your son, parents, your city or a word that has a great meaning and importance for you.
    A bedroom with a bed and wall stickers that say all you need is love.
    romantic wall sticker for bedrooms
    A baby's room featuring wall stickers with the name Julia.
    Letter wall sticker for the kids room
    Wall stickers featuring a chair in front of a vibrant red wall.
    Love wall sticker

    Love wall sticker.
    pace-and-love wall stickers
  8. Wall sticker with the shape of your idols. if you want to express your love or passion for some famous person , a creative and original idea is to choose a wall sticker with his shape
    A living room with a wall sticker of a man in a top hat.
    charlie chaplin wall sticker
    Charlie Chaplin wall stickers
    Stunning vinyl wall sticker with charlie chaplin
    A blue wall decal.
    michael jackson wall sticker
    Blues brothers wall stickers.
    blues brother wall sticker

    Audrey Hepburn decal.
    Audrey Hepburn wall sticker decoration
  9. Wall stickers of catoons. An original and creative way for decorating your interiors is by using funny and colorful wall stickers shaped as cartoon heros, such these
    A kitchen wall decal featuring a man and woman.
    Lupin wall sticker

    An eye wall sticker in a living room.
    cartoon female eyes wall sticker
  10. Wall stickers of cities and maps. For a contemporary and modern home decor, one of the best solution is to opt for vynil wall stickers shaped as world map, cities or famous monuments
    A living room with world map wall stickers.
    World Map wall sticker for a modern and stylish living room
    Paris skyline wall stickers.
    Paris wall sticker

    Big ben wall sticker.
    Big Ben wall sticker
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