Sunken Seating is a Fun Alternative in the Modern Home

A circular living room with sunken seating and a staircase.

Try something completely different in your home with sunken seating.  If you like to entertain and enjoy cozy gatherings with friends and family, creating a sunken seating area is a sure way to get the ultimate in stylish and comfortable entertainment space.

A living room with sunken seating and a wooden ceiling.

In the modern home, sunken seating takes rooms to a whole new level of seating ease and comfort.  Stepping down into a seating area that envelops you truly makes conversations enjoyable.  Curved seating with lots of pillow and tables within easy reach make entertaining a breeze.

A living room with sunken seating and a fireplace.
A living room with sunken seating and a motorcycle.

Sunken seating is ideal for the modern home, because it gives the illusion of spaciousness and clean lines.  Placing seating on a lower level than the main living space is a creative and visually interesting design style.

A living room with sunken seating and a view of the beach.
A living room with sunken seating areas and a fan.

Creating a sunken seating space around a freestanding fireplace is a great way to maximize the cozy factor in a home.  There is plenty of room for everyone to spread out and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace from any angle.

A modern living room with sunken seating, a fireplace, and large windows.
A sunken seating living room with a view of the ocean.
Horace Gifford Architecture
Modern living room with large windows, sunken seating, and a fireplace.
Dimit Architects, Ohio

Sunken seating is the perfect arrangement for a home theatre.  A large home theatre system can be installed inside the area, with seating placed to surround the screen for maximum viewing comfort.  Place a few tables to hold drinks and snacks for a fun movie night experience.

A modern living room with sunken seating and a ceiling fan.

For entertaining purposes, sunken seating provides a perfect conversation area.  Guests have plenty of space to mingle around the seating area or you can place other smaller seating arrangements above.  The sunken area leaves floor space for setting up tables for food and drinks.

A living room with sunken seating and a piano.
A group of people sitting around a sunken seating area in a living room.

Sunken seating is a fun alternative in the modern home or a surprising element in a traditional space.  This arrangement makes entertaining a breeze and creates the perfect space for movie night or just cuddling up by the fire.

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