How to Mix Metals for a Rich, Layered Room Design

A living room with a yellow couch and gold accents, featuring a mix of metals.

Texture and layering are important factors of interior design that allow you to achieve a look that implies history and appears interesting.  A hot trend for 2015 is to mix metals in your interiors.  Mixing types of metals in your rooms creates a rich, layered look that is timeless and chic.

A group of mirrors with mix metals on a wall.
A living room with a large mirror and mix metals on the wall.

Cool colors, such as gray and blue, mix well with silver, nickel and steel.  Mix it up with the addition of gold leaf or brass.  Let the cool silver be the dominant metal while creating a pleasing contrast with the warm gold metals.

A living room with blue walls, gold accents, and mixed metals.
A living room with white furniture and gold accents featuring a mix of metals.
A living room with mix metals décor, couches, and a coffee table.

Warm colors, such as beige and red, mix well with gold, brass and bronze.  Add in pieces of silver and steel to balance and contrast the warm tones.  The warm metals should play the dominant role, while the silver and steel should be used less for contrast.

A tan couch in a living room with mix metals accents.

Black wrought iron goes to the design theory that every room should include something black.  Whether sleek and modern or weathered and rustic, wrought iron balances well with silver or gold.  A wrought iron and glass coffee table grounds a space, while touches of silver or gold accents round out a balanced room.

A living room with a brown leather couch and a coffee table that incorporates mix metals.

When mixing metals, vary textures.  Use polished nickel with hammered silver or gold leaf accents.  Include items of antiqued bronze with bright steel.  The contrast makes the room interesting and gives it depth.

A desk with a mix of books and vases on it.
A living room with a large gold art piece on the wall, featuring a mix of metals.
A living room with mix metals accents and a zebra print rug.

Distribute different items of contrasting metals throughout your home to achieve a collected look, as if you’ve acquired the items over time.  Mix in a few brass candlesticks with sterling silver ones.  Place bronze accent pieces next to brushed steel or nickel.

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A silver dresser with mix metals.
A living room with blue, gold, and mixed metal accents.
A living room with a mix of metals and gold vases on a coffee table.

You don’t have to be a chemist to mix your metals.  When metals in a room match, the room looks too “done”.  Combine metal finishes and achieve a well-balanced, layered look that is full of character and timeless style.


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  1. My sister would like to redecorate her living room and add more metal furniture to it, which is why she’s currnelty looking for s structural steel supplier so she may start with her project. Well, this article is excellent when it comes to explaining that layering and texture are some of the most important factors when incorporating metal in interior design. I’ll also keep in mind to tell her that she must add warm colors too.

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