How Curtains Perk Up Your Outdoor Space

A patio with wicker furniture, curtains and a pool.

There are many advantages to using curtains outdoors to perk up your patio, deck, front porch or garden.  They can provide a finishing touch to outdoor structures, add color, soften hard lines, provide privacy and shelter from the sun.  Learn how curtains perk up your outdoor space and see how they can transform your yard.

A green curtain with a potted plant in front of it enhances your outdoor space.
Outdoor curtains add color and a finishing touch (homesdecorationtips.blogspot)
A gazebo with vibrant red curtains to enhance your outdoor space.
Curtains highlight this outdoor space (ebay)\
A patio with a table and chairs, enhanced by curtains.
Patio space with outdoor curtains (backyardcity)
How Curtains Enhance Your Patio
Outdoor curtains add style to outdoor spaces (foxnews)

Outdoor curtains can be used on the front porch to make the space more inviting, a bit more private or to simply provide shade from the sun.  This is one of the most innovative outdoor curtain ideas. Hang them on the ends of the porch or, if you have columns, you can hang panels at each one for an interesting finishing touch.

Perk Up Your Outdoor Space with Green Curtains.
Curtains accent a front porch (decor4all)
A porch with wicker furniture and a table adorned with curtains.
A beautiful front porch with outdoor curtains (lushome)
The front porch of a home has orange chairs on it, how curtains perk up your outdoor space.
Front porch curtains provide privacy and shade (memorabledecor)
A wooden deck with a table and chairs
Curtains add color to this front porch (decoratingfiles)

There is something very fresh about sheers blowing in a summer breeze.  You can create this by hanging sheers or light outdoor curtains from pergolas, gazebos or other outdoor structures.  Tie them up when you want a more open space or let them loose to blow in the breeze for a casual vibe.

Outdoor Space with wicker furniture and white curtains.
Sheers hung around an outdoor structure (decorpad)
A wooden gazebo with lights, grill, and curtains.
Pergola accented with outdoor curtains (pergola-pictures)
A swing bed with a white canopy.
A charming pergola (Houzz)

Outdoor curtains add a finishing touch to the patio or deck, as well as provide privacy or shelter from the sun.  Curtains are an affordable and easy way to gain more privacy for your outdoor spaces.  You can use them as a means to add color to your outdoor areas as well.

A covered patio with a fire place and curtains.
Outdoor curtains add a finishing touch to this patio (Houzz)
A patio with a canopy and chairs enhanced by curtains.
Curtains add drama to this outdoor space (ebay)
A colorful patio with vibrant curtains and furniture.
Curtains add color to this patio space (texasdaiseygarden.BlogSpot)
A black and white striped patio with a table and chairs adorned with curtains.
Striped curtains give a boost to this outdoor space (betterlivingpatios)
A patio with a table.
Curtains add color and style to outdoor spaces (cnbhomes)
A white pergola with red curtains and wicker furniture add a pop of color to your outdoor space.
Striking red outdoor curtains create a cozy space in this pergola (

Create a festive atmosphere by adding curtains to temporary shelters for parties.  Use brightly colored fabrics and accent them with string lights to emphasize the party spirit even more.

A white gazebo with a white canopy and black furniture.
Curtains can make a temporary structure more festive for parties or just relaxing (thedecorscene.blogspot)
A patio with colorful curtains and stylish furniture.
Bright curtains add to this outdoor space (designbup.blogspot)
A pool area with a gazebo and furniture transformed by curtains.
Add outdoor curtains to structures for parties or for a finishing touch (98host)

Using curtains to accent your outdoor spaces brings color, softness, privacy and shelter to your yard.  Experiment with styles and fabrics to achieve just the right look for your space.  Highlight certain areas or use outdoor curtains to frame a space.  Accent a structure with curtains for entertaining or special occasions.  Let the breeze blow through or tie them in place.  However you display them, curtains are sure to make a great addition to your outdoor space.

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