Bathroom Upgrades for a More Efficient, Beautiful Space

Upgraded bathroom with a bathtub and a sink for a more beautiful space.

The bathroom in the modern home takes on many uses throughout the day.  It is typically the first room you see after you wake up and the last you see before you go to bed.  Why shouldn’t it be more than just tired old tile and linoleum with basic fixtures?  Here are ways to upgrade your bathroom to create a more colorful, beautiful and luxurious space.

A 3D rendering of a beautiful bathroom with blue tiles.
Beautiful blues highlight this bathroom (homefimpah)
A bathroom with a black tiled floor showcasing beautiful space.
A unique sink for this modern bathroom (mobmit)
A beautiful bathroom featuring a wooden sink and mirror.
Statement vanity sets this bathroom apart (jozzdug)
A boldly stylish bathroom with red and black walls.
Unique tile work makes a statement in this bathroom (besthous)
A beautiful bathroom with a marble floor.
A luxurious bathroom (homesoo)

If you’ve ever envisioned having a spa-like experience in your own home, consider turning your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.  A large soaking tub, therapeutic shower, luxury hard surface flooring and tile, along with unique lighting, bring style and substance to your bathroom.

A bathroom with large windows and a large tub offering beautiful space.
A spa-like bathroom appeals (beacon)
A beautiful bathroom upgrade with a fireplace and chandelier.
Luxurious spa-like bathroom (Pinterest)
A luxurious bathroom with a large tub and a cozy fireplace.
Imagine a long soak in this scenic bath (decorcus)
A bathroom with upgraded features including a beautiful sink and efficient toilet.
Beautiful and soothing bathroom (modernmagazin)
A beautiful bathroom with a large tub.
A quiet palette and beautiful views make for a spa-like experience (decoist)

Bring color and fun to your bathroom with colorful tiles in unique designs.  For the family bathroom, install colorful bins for essential storage to keep the bathroom tidy.

A beautiful bathroom with striped walls.
Fun bathroom full of color (
A beautiful bathroom with a colorful tiled wall.
Colorful tiles add pizazz to the bathroom (
A beautiful white bathtub in a bathroom.
A uniquely styled bathroom (coolroomideas)
A beautiful bathroom with colorful wallpaper and a stool.
Color and pattern in this fun bathroom (HGTV)
A bathroom with a lot of creative license plates on the wall.
Use unique materials for a different look (

Update the vanity.  Think outside the box with a stylish new sink.  Vessel sinks are still a popular item and the variety of styles make them a great choice.

A beautiful bathroom with blue walls and a sink.
A unique sink and vanity design (Houzz)
A Beautiful Bathroom with Two Sinks and a Mirror.
Unique sinks and vanity (abathroomguide)
A beautiful bathroom with a stone wall.
Beautifully styled vanity (
A beautiful bathroom sink with a spiral design.
Shell inspired sink (iseecubed)
A bathroom with two sinks and a mirror, upgraded for a more efficient and beautiful space.
Unique bathroom vanity (sustainablelivingnews)

Use different materials.  Instead of the normal tile flooring, try out slate, onyx or stone.  Depending on the style of bathroom you want, consider something other than ceramic or vinyl for the tub.  For something completely unique, try a sculpted modern tub.

A beautiful wooden bathtub in a bathroom with bamboo slats, creating an efficient and upgraded space.
Beautiful organic bathtub (chicdesignideas)
A beautiful marble floor upgrade in a more efficient bathroom space.
Onyx slate tiles (lushome)
A blue tiled bathroom with a sink.
Fun bubble style tile (bculik)
A large stone bathtub for a beautiful bathroom upgrade.
Hard surface tub makes a statement (harbortonhouse)
A Beautiful Bathroom with a Tub and Toilet.
Very unique bathroom (
A bathroom with a beautiful tub and sink.
Natural materials accent this bathroom (kpopfangrl22.tumblr)

Bathrooms take on a significant amount of work and need to be functional above all else.  However, this does not mean a bathroom cannot be stylish and even luxurious.  Whether you enjoy long soaks in the tub or quick showers, efficiency and style are key elements for a bathroom.


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