9 Items Every Stylish Home Should Have

A stylish living room with a ceiling fan and couches.

Take a look through decorating magazines or click through pages of decorating Websites and you see rooms that just seem to fall together gracefully.  These rooms are stylish and chic.  They speak to you.  These rooms inspire you to achieve better design in your own home.  Here are 9 items every stylish home should have that will help you on your way to designing your own space.

A stylish living room featuring bookshelves and a chandelier.
Bookshelves are indispensable for storage and display (HGTV)
A living room with a colorful rug and bookshelves, showcasing stylish home decor.
Books make a home interesting (tjakovanschie)
Nine items every stylish home should have, including two lamps and a green wall.
Lamps add an extra lighting element and style (Pinterest)
A living room with colorful furniture and a chandelier, showcasing stylish decor essentials.
Artwork is essential to a stylish home (decoist)

Mirrors.  Mirrors are a key element in every home.  Mirrors are not just for bathrooms and above the bedroom dresser.  Decorative mirrors serve a purpose as well.  They add depth and dimension to a room, reflecting the space and visually expanding smaller spaces.  They can be very ornate or simple.  Group a collection of smaller mirrors together for maximum impact.

A stylish home featuring three mirrors on a wall.
Mirrors add a distinct quality to interiors (smallhouselife)
A stylish living room with a mirror adorned with squares.
A statement mirror adds depth and interest (creamylife)
9 Items Every Stylish Home Should Have: Living room with couch and fireplace.
A unique collection of mirrors make a great focal point (jpsinteractive.org)
A stylish home showcasing a room with a table, chairs, and a mirror.
A stylish mirror completes this ensemble (lushome)

Art.  No home is complete without art.  Whether that is a masterpiece painting or a finger-paint creation from your child, art is essential in a stylish home.  A painting can be a focal point in any room.  Try something unexpected, like mixing a modern painting with traditional décor.

A stylish living room with a blue painting on the wall.
Bold art is always stylish
A stylish living room with a large painting on the wall.
Colorful artwork brings a room alive (homedesignstyle)
A living room with a stylish yellow couch and vibrant orange wall art.
Bold artwork makes a statement (tuitionio)
A living room with stylish couches and a coffee table.
Artwork adds interest to this room (Pinterest)
A living room with a colorful wall mural is an essential for a stylish home.
Artwork can be in the form of a wall mural (ebay.co.uk)

Statement Piece.  A statement piece can be anything.  It can be a piece of furniture, artwork or a unique accessory.  It can be a found object, such as a large piece of driftwood, or a special antique piece.

A group of balloons hanging from the ceiling, stylish home.
Unique lighting makes a colorful statement (Memory Balloon Ceiling Light, notonthehighstreet)
A table setting with a teal elephant and oranges, part of the 9 items every stylish home should have.
A stand-out accessory makes a strong statement (arcadianhome)
A modern dining room with a large painting above the table, ideal for a stylish home.
A unique light fixture is a statement piece (dcistudio)
A stylish living room with a couch and chairs.
Unique furniture is a statement piece (ladolcevitablog)
A stylish bathroom with black and white faces on the wall.
A statement piece can be a current trend or a bold wallpaper (hometrenddesign)

Books.  Even if you don’t like to read, books add character, color and a sense of history.  Display large photo-filled books on the coffee table.  Use books to add interest to tabletop displays and shelving.

A living room with books, a coffee table.
Books add color and interest to a stylish interior (meganmorrisblog)
Keywords: books, wooden shelf

Modified description: Stylish display of antique books stored on a rustic wooden shelf.
A collection of vintage books adds interest (desertgirlvintage.blogspot)
A stylish home should have a shelf with books and a vase.
Books add variety and interest to a tabletop display (decohubs)
A stylish living room with a coffee table and books on it.
Books add dimension and color to this interior (decoratingdelirium)

Bookshelves.  Well, if you’re going to have books, bookshelves are a must.  Bookshelves also serve as structural display cases, where you can place accessories and special items.  Arrange books and accessories together to create interesting and varied displays.

Necessities for a Bedroom
Keywords: ladder, shelf

One essential item for a stylish home is a ladder placed on a shelf.
Bookshelves are great for creative displays as well as housing books (myhomeideas)
A living room with bookshelves and couches - Stylish Home
Built-in bookshelves add architectural interest and create space for books and collectibles (House Beautiful)
A stylish home with a white bookcase adorned with wicker baskets and plants.
Bookshelves offer additional storage options (julieblanner)

Cozy Chair.  A cozy chair is a welcome piece in any home.  Most people have their favorite spot to sit while reading, relaxing or watching television.  Choose a chair that is comfortable and accessible, while enhancing the style of your room.

The living room includes a stylish green couch.
No home is complete without a cozy chair (Houzz)
A living room with a zebra rug, embodying stylish home decor.
A cozy chair for reading and relaxing (Houzz)
A stylish living room with a white couch and a blanket.
A cozy chair for cuddling up in (designadventures)
A stylish home should have a brown leather chair in front of a fireplace.
A fireside chair (decorationavenue.blogspot)

Lamps.  Lighting is a key element in interior design and lamps provide accent and task light to augment any overhead lighting.  Lamps can be quite useful on a sofa table or side table in the living room.  Display pretty lamps in the entryway to welcome guests and make handy for when family members are expected late at night.

9 Items Every Stylish Home Should Have, including a living room with a fireplace.
Lamps for the sofa table (memorabledecor)
A stylish home with a dresser, lamps, and flowers.
A pair of bright lamps stand out in this stylish foyer (onekingslane)
An egg chair adding style to a room with a lamp.
A floor lamp offers extra illumination and task lighting (decoist)
A stylish home with purple chairs and a fireplace.
A statement lamp adds interest to this room (decoist)

Meaningful Piece.  At least one meaningful piece adds character and individual personality to a space.  Your home should be a place that expresses your individuality.  If you own something that has special meaning, display it.  An artifact, special antique, travel souvenir or other memento is the perfect accent for your personal space.

A stylish living room filled with furniture and plants.
Artifacts or travel memorabilia should be displayed to personalize your home (slimpro)
A stylish home should have a pink and white checkered tablecloth.
Accessories that mean something to you should be used and displayed (Country Living)
A stylish white hutch adorned with baskets and pumpkins, perfect for a stylish home.
Display favorite collections in groups (homegoods)
A stylish home with a white table and a polka dot lamp.
Found objects or special items add character (decor8blog)

Storage.  Who can do without storage?  Large or small, your home should have storage.  You can create your own with baskets, bins and shelving.  You can incorporate furniture, such as ottomans, that have built-in storage.  No room for extra furnishings?  Look around your home to find other spots for storage, such as under the coffee table.  Store items in decorative containers in plain sight.

A stylish home with a glass table and chandelier.
Storage bins keeps items tidy (memorabledecor)
A window seat, one of the 9 stylish home items.
Built-ins offer additional storage options (Houzz)
A small ottoman sitting on a rug in a stylish living room.
Furniture with built-in storage is a great option for small spaces (livingroomideas)
A stylish home should have a white entryway with baskets.
Entryway storage keeps things neat and tidy (youragentashley)
A stylish wooden trunk adding character to a living room.
A trunk serves as a side table and extra storage space (napastyle)

Take a look around your home and see how many of these items you have already.  Consider ways you can use these items to turn your home from ordinary into stylish.


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