Pattern Focus: Paisley

A chair in front of a paisley wallpaper.

Paisley is a centuries old pattern that is regaining popularity.  Vibrantly colorful, muted and sophisticated or monochromatic, paisley can be added to your home in a variety of ways.  Choose wallpaper, rugs and fabrics that lift your rooms from ho-hum to oh-so-stylish.  Here are some uses for paisley to inspire you to decorate your own rooms with this timeless pattern.

A paisley upholstered chair.
Paisley chair (Pinterest)
A paisley-themed bedroom with pink and green wall decals.
Paisley patterned artwork adds interest to this bedroom (decorationtrend)
A dining room with a white table and chairs featuring a paisley pattern focus.
Beautiful textured paisley walls (homeandfurnituregallery)
A painted chest with a paisley pattern.
Paint it paisley! (paintand pattern)

Wallpaper is one way to fully embrace the flowing pattern of paisley.  You can choose a monochromatic style for subtlety or a mixture of colors for a bolder look.  Take care when using a wallpaper with a repeated paisley pattern against a blank background.  This type of pattern can appear busy and you will want to maintain an overall “less is more” look for the room, keeping other patterns to a minimum.  This open pattern is a more modern take on the style.

A room with a desk and a paisley vase of flowers.
Paisley wallpaper adds distinction to this home office (cozybliss)
A dining room table with paisley-patterned chairs and a chandelier.
Beautiful paisley wallpaper enhances this dining space (blog.brewsterwallcovering)
A room with paisley wallpaper.
A modern paisley wallpaper (homedecoratingguru)
A paisley chair in front of a patterned wallpaper.
Go for the wow factor with this bright paisley wallpaper (nicewallpaperhome.blogspot)

When taking the bolder choice, you can work with the other colors in the paisley print to accessorize the room.  Mix smaller patterns and take color cues from the wallpaper for styling the room.  This is a classic style of paisley and brings warmth and a certain distinguished charm to a room.

A paisley wallpaper with a blue chair.
A traditional paisley pattern in pastel hues (decoratingfiles)
A paisley-themed bedroom with blue and white décor.
Pattern play with paisley (

Fabrics in multiple styles and colors are available for upholstery, window treatments, bedding and pillows.  Upholster a chair in paisley, hang long panels in a bold paisley or use the pattern on a collection of throw pillows for a solid sofa.

A paisley bean bag chair in a living room.
A paisley beanbag chair in modern, vibrant colors (uni-wall)
A chair with a paisley pattern.
Paisley upholstery (target)
A living room with paisley curtains and a chair.
Blue and white paisley panels (Kohls)
A paisley-patterned couch in a room with a pink wall.
Mix in paisley throw pillows for added color and punch (chameleonstyle)
Two paisley pillows add pattern and focus to a living room couch.
Fresh paisley pillows (Potterybarn)

The bedroom is the ideal space to experiment with paisley.  Beautifully vibrant paisley comforters and quilts look fresh and modern.  Soft pastel bedding in a subtle paisley print is clean, bright and feminine.

Turn up the Heat with Modern Fireplace Updates
A bed with a vibrant paisley pattern.
Bright paisley bedding (bed-bath-info)
A white and blue bedroom with a bed and dresser, featuring paisley patterns.
Pretty paisley bedding (shabbyhousedesigns.blogspot)
A bed with paisley bedding.
Fun, modern paisley bedding (Target via Pinterest)

A paisley patterned rug can make a stylish impact in a room.  Opt for the more contemporary brighter hues or go with a traditional, more subdued family of colors depending on your style.

A colorful paisley rug on a hardwood floor showcasing its vibrant pattern.
Beautiful colors highlight this paisley rug (Pinterest)
A living room with a large paisley rug serving as the pattern focus.
Traditional paisley patterned rug (plushrugs)

Although paisley is a centuries old pattern, it is timeless.  It spans different tastes and styles from old-world charm, colorful Bohemian or bright and modern.  Paisley is versatile and unique.  Try it out in your home and see what unexpected charm and sophistication it creates.


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  1. Can you please tell me who makes the bedding on your paisley blog dated May 13, 2015 by Kelly Nichols and where I can buy it? Thank you very much!

  2. Hi, Lori. The bright paisley coverlet was featured at Bed Bath & Beyond. The muted green comforter is by Pottery Barn and the paisley coverlet with the orange backing was featured at Target. I’ve searched these respective web sites and was unable to find them currently for sale. However, you could try They have an extensive selection of paisley bedding, some styles very close to these. I hope this helps!

  3. Can you please tell me who makes the bright pink paisley wallpaper “go for the wow factor” from the May 13, 2015 blog?

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