Greek Key Design in Interiors

Blue and white upholstered chairs with Greek key design in front of a window.

The Greek Key pattern is a classic decorative element that originated in ancient Greece.  The geometric continuous form of the Greek Key design works well on trims and edging.  The design is found on furniture, textiles and various architectural elements.  The Greek Key design symbolizes eternity and portrays this with a continuous, repeating motif.  Here are ways to use this classic design in your interiors.

A white desk with a chair in front of a window showcasing Greek Key design.
Greek Key pattern on curtain trim (Pinterest)
A clear chair with a Greek Key Design in a room with a painting on the wall.
Greek Key design wall treatment (jsinteriordesign.blogspot)

Greek Key integrates into any style of home, be it traditional or modern.  The fluidity of the design, although geometric in nature, makes it easily adaptable.  Variations on the design, such as curved lines or pastel colors, can give the Greek Key design a more subtle appeal.

A dining room with Greek Key Design accents.
Greek Key elements on the window panels (kathryngreeleydesigns)
A gold and white dresser with a Greek Key design mirror and two lamps.
Greek Key chest adds glamour (metrospacehome)

A Greek Key trim on curtain panels adds depth and distinction to your window treatments.  Try using a border on shades as well.

A pair of yellow curtains with a Greek Key design trim.
Curtain panels with Greek Key design trim (blog.drapestyle)


A room with a Greek Key Design bedside table.
Panels stand out with Greek Key trim (maddiedesigns)
A bedroom with yellow chairs and a fireplace features Greek Key Design in its interiors.
Greek Key trim (eyefordesignlfd.blogspot)

Pillows, linens and bedding are other options for implementing the Greek Key design.

A black velvet couch with Greek Key Design pillows.
A contrasting Greek Key border on a pillow (fromgardeners2bergers)
Green and white Greek Key Design pillows on a brown couch.
Pastel Greek Key design on pillow (Pinterest)
Colorful pillows and a chandelier accent a Greek Key design bed.
Linens with Greek Key trim accent this bed ensemble (decorpad)
A white and blue bedroom with a Greek Key Design mirror.
Pillow shams pop with Greek Key trim (Pinterest)

Furniture, such as end tables, designed in the shape of the Greek Key design add interest to modern interiors.  A chest with a raised Greek Key design makes a piece stand out.

A blue and white striped rug with a Greek Key design in a living room.
A stool with Greek Key designed legs (decorpad)
A living room with a blue couch featuring Greek Key Design in Interiors.
Tables designed in the Greek Key style (Pinterest)
A blue dresser featuring Greek Key Design with two lamps and a mirror.
Greek Key gold inserts highlight this chest (Pinterest)
A round table with a Greek key design.
Greek Key design integrated into furniture makes a distinct statement (Pinterest)

Upholstery with an allover Greek Key pattern makes a modern statement.  This pattern can be mixed with floral prints for a more traditional look.  For the sofa below, place a few bold red pillows on it for contrast.

A brown and white upholstered chair with a Greek Key design.
An allover Greek Key patterned upholstery (Pinterest)
A dining room showcasing Greek Key design with a table and chairs.
Greek Key upholstered dining room chairs blend nicely with the wallpaper (hirshfields.wordpress, Thibaut fabric)
A Greek key design couch with decorative pillows and a vase in front of it.
A lush velvet upholstery fabric of the Greek Key design (lushome)
Two recliners in a living room with Greek Key Design.
Greek Key upholstery gives a modern vibe to interiors (

Rugs bordered in the Greek Key design give the room a solid foundation from which to build your decorating scheme.  A rug with an allover design gives any room a bold and unique boost.

A living room with a coffee table featuring Greek Key Design.
Notice the Greek Key design in the rug (decorpad)
A beige couch with Greek Key Design in a living room.
A bold Greek Key design in the rug anchors the space (houseofarch)

Ceramic tile accents in the Greek Key design give a traditional bathroom a tailored look.  Using a contrasting color of trim in the tile freshens a modern bath.

20 Quirky, Funky and Cool Rooms to Love
A bathroom with a view of the ocean and Greek Key design in interiors.
Greek Key details on this bath tile (frugalflourish.blogspot)
A bathroom with a black and white tiled shower featuring Greek Key design.
Shower tile trimmed with Greek Key design is bold and modern (decorpad)

Household and decorative items benefit from a bit of panache with the Greek Key design.  Flatware, mirrors, curtains, and even wallpaper accent everyday objects for a little something different.

Four forks with Greek designs.
Household items, such as this flatware, add interest with bold Greek Key design (Pinterest)
A dresser with a Greek Key design mirrored top.
Subtle Greek Key trim on this mirror (blog.californialivinhome)
A shower curtain featuring a Greek key design.
Window panels with Greek Key design (freshome)
A living room with a leather couch and Greek Key design in interiors.
Wallpaper with the Greek Key motif (Pinterest)

Versatile, classic and stylish, the Greek Key pattern is an element that works well in many areas of your home.  Consider using this universally pleasing design in your own home for a distinct style statement.



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