9 Ways to Create a Unique Feature Wall

A dining room with a unique green wall mural.

The trend for feature walls exploded in the late 1990s and hasn’t shifted since. It’s a simple and dynamic way to enhance a room without costing a lot of time, planning, or resource. A simple feature wall can transform the feeling and style of a room without much work, and they can help to achieve an endless number of different styles.

One of the simplest and most popular way to create an interesting and chic feature wall to any room is to add stylish and metallic wallpaper to one section of the room.

A living room with two lamps and a wooden table featuring a unique feature wall design.
Metallic wallpaper behind lighting will diffuse and scatter the light glamorously (pinterest.com)
A living room with a unique feature wall.
Small amounts of metallic wallpaper makes a big impact (pinterest.com)

Raw materials also make a great option for a feature wall. Wood panels or a wooden brick wall can add an industrial and modern feel to any room, without being too harsh for a living room or bedroom.

A small apartment with a unique feature wall.
Exposed brick wall adds a charming industrial take to this open plan home (pinterest.com)
A modern kitchen with a wooden feature wall.
Wooden panels add a rustic charm to this home (pinterest.com)

Many traditional living rooms fit a similar description, with a fireplace wall and two alcoves. This is the perfect opportunity to add a feature wall, making your room stand out from the endless amount of rooms in a similar shape.

A black and white living room with a fireplace featuring a unique feature wall.
The fireplace wall stands out using a bold and black wallpaper (pinterest.com)
A living room with beige walls and yellow accents enhanced by a unique feature wall.
This funky and unique feature wall uses bold yellow ornaments to stand out (pinterest.com)

Feature walls don’t always have to be bold and loud. Subtle changes or enhancements to one wall can add depth and an entirely new element to a room without upsetting the balance or colour palette.

A bathroom with a sink.
Subtle mother of pearl tiles add sparkle and luxury to one wall of the bathroom (pinterest.com)

You can also create your own feature wall with a modern collage of artwork or photos. This won’t just make your room stand out and be totally unique, but it will put your own personal stamp and unique taste on your home.

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Chic photo wall achieves style and a personal touch (pinterest.com)
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