High Contrast, High Style – Decorating in Black & White

A high style living room with a chandelier that embraces high contrast in black and white.

Modern, sleek and stylish, decorating a room in black and white can define a space and provide a great backdrop for unique pieces.  Black and white rooms can be dramatic or low key.  Another color can be added to the mix for a refreshing take on the scheme.

High Contrast - A living room with black walls and white furniture.

High Contrast living room with white furniture and black mirrors.

A high style black and white home office with a chandelier.

Decorating a room in black and white doesn’t have to be flat.  Add depth with shades of gray or another color to accent the room.  Bright green, yellow or red look great with black.  Add gold, silver and mirrored pieces for heightened interest and shine.

A dining room with striped walls and high style.
A living room with a zebra rug and high contrast yellow pillows.
A high contrast living room with a fireplace.

Incorporate pattern with wall coverings, upholstery fabrics and with rugs.  A zebra print rug is perfect for the black and white room.  Infuse life into the room with a collection of black and white photographic prints or hang a brightly colored painting.

A high contrast living room with a chandelier in black and white.
A high contrast staircase with a zebra rug.
A high contrast home office with black and white wallpaper.

For a less bold look, go with small black and white prints on upholstery that will give the impression of gray on large pieces.  Add touches of solid black on pillows and accessories or try bold patterns of black with splashes of color.

A living room with high contrast black and white pictures on the wall.
A living room with a black couch and yellow rug featuring high contrast.
A living room with a modern black and white rug.

A black bathroom is sleek and stylish.  Paint the walls black to contrast with white ceramic sinks and bathtubs.  Install black marble floors or white marble with black diamond accents.  Go with chrome or polished nickel finishes on fixtures.

A high contrast bathroom with a zebra print tub.
A bathroom with a high-contrast black and white checkered floor.

A black and white bedroom offers many stylish options, including a boldly patterned headboard or linens and sophisticated wallpaper.  Accent the room with mirrored nightstands and a statement chandelier.

High Contrast Black and White Bedroom.
A high style black and white bedroom with an ornate bed.
A high contrast bedroom featuring floral wallpaper.

When decorating your home in black and white create a balance and add bright colors for maximum effect.  Add bold accessories and uniquely shaped furnishings for interest.  A black and white interior is sleek, sophisticated and stylish.

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A high-contrast bedroom with zebra print accents.
A high contrast dining room with a chandelier.


High Contrast dining room with black and white polka dot chairs and a chandelier.
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