13 Beautiful and Unique Pendant Lights for Your Home

13 Beautiful and Unique glass pendant lights hanging in a room.

Pendant lights are a great source of stylish illumination for your home.  They can be used in any room as the main source of light or as an accent.  In the kitchen, they can serve as a dramatic or utilitarian light source over the island.  In the living room, a group of pendant lights or one statement light can be the centerpiece to your lighting scheme.  Here are thirteen beautiful and unique pendant lights for your home.

Modern pendant lights resemble sculptural works of art with flowing curves and circular waves undulating overhead.  A statement piece by themselves, these pendant lights work great in the dining room.

13 Beautiful and Unique Pendant Lights for Your Dining Room.
A unique pendant light for the dining area (madebymood-corbell)
A modern and beautiful pendant light with a spiral design.
Beautiful sculptural pendant light by Corbett (1800lighting)
A modern chandelier with a spiral design. Keywords: Spiral design
Wonderful sculptural pendant light by Corbett (homeclick)

Quirky, funky and oh so stylish pendant lights that reflect mid-century design are a big hit in the home.  These wonderful lights are perfect for the home office.

Three beautiful and unique chandeliers hanging in a room.
Mid-century modern pendant lights by Jonathan Adler (jonathanadler)

Beautiful shapes unfold in molded wood pendant lights that would look great over the kitchen island or in a reading nook.

Three unique pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.
Laszlo Tompa pendant lights (designlike)

Modern pendant lights with distinguished fluid lines make for a great accent in the living room.  Pair them at varying heights for a dramatic statement.

A living room with white furniture and wooden pendant lights.
Modern pendant lights (housepict)

Beautiful glass pendant lights are timeless and create a unique display in any room of the home.  Murano glass art pendants celebrate a diversity of design and color.  Hang these in the kitchen over the island, in a dining area or grouped together in the living room or formal dining room for better effect.

A colorful glass pendant light hanging on a black background, ideal for home decor.
“Spiked” glass pendant light (achiexpo)
Three beautiful pendant lights hanging from a ceiling.
Fabulous Murano glass pendant lights (muranoimports)

How about combining a traditional brass chandelier with a modern pendant light?  This truly unique design would look great in a library or over the dining room table.

Two beautiful glass light bulbs hanging on a wall.
Whimsical and stylish pendant lights (adorable-home)

Glass globe pendant lights are versatile and can be used alone or in groups.  Mix colors and styles for a completely chic eclectic look or vary the height of a group of lights in a modern room.

Staircases That Inspire
13 Beautiful Pendant Lights for Your Home.
Globe pendant lights (Pinterest)
A dining room with a green tablecloth and unique green chairs.
Beautiful globe pendant lights (tasuiq)

These wonderful hand-blown glass pendant lights give this room a coastal appeal with their light green color and bulbous shape.

A kitchen with a center island and stools transformed by beautiful pendant lights.
Green glass globe pendant lights (vspass)

The standard glass pendant light is still a stylish and chic choice for the kitchen.  These simple lights are timeless and fit with a variety of interior styles.

A kitchen with beautiful wooden cabinets and unique wooden countertops.
Kitchen pendant lights (homeiloueu)

No matter what room in the house you use pendant lights, they are sure to make a statement.  These beautiful lights have style and variety.  With new designs appearing every day, pendant lights are changing the scope of lighting for your home.


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