Festive Winter Olympics Home Designs

An olympic ring hanging on a wall.

The Winter Olympics only comes around every 4 years, so you’ll want to make sure that your home and parties are festive. Whether you want to bring in the spirit of the games, national pride, or international bonding, your decor can bring it out through color themes and accents.


Color is an essential item in your Winter Olympics home decor. There are several themes that you can run throughout your home or party space to bring in the feeling of the season. If you’d rather keep a more neutral or bright color scheme, with the possible additions of color in small areas, then stick to the colors of the medals and season — gold, silver, bronze, and then white to symbolize Winter. You may choose to have one of them be the champion of the colors, perhaps gold to show your hopes, and have the others be accents, or evenly use them throughout. For those that want a little more color to illustrate their festiveness, you have several more options.   First, you could centralize your theme around national pride, using the colors of your flag. The second option could be to intermingle the above two aforementioned schemes. This allows for a patriotic theme in your home with the neutral ties to bring everything together. Lastly, there are the colors of the Olympic rings, red, blue, green,yellow and black. Using these colors is more for the eclectic party-thrower, and should be used moderately to avoid oversaturation that can hurt the eyes.


The next step to your Winter Olympics home decor involves adding items to fill your home with. This may be dependent on the color scheme you chose, or you can use some that may stretch across any of the themes. Some accent items you may want to add accents like Olympic-themed wreaths, flowers that resemble your color scheme, photographs of your family dressed as your favorite sport, or past medals your family members have won.

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Lastly is the tablescape. To have the champion of festive tables, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, don’t oversaturate with colors! Have one or two main colors, and then add splashes of the others. Second, have some Olympic elements. I’d suggest having a candle to represent the Olympic flame. To make it more realistic, have a taller, slender holder and a medium-sized candle to symbolize the torch. If you’d rather not have a lengthened candle, then have three on escalating holders, as if they were athletes on the winner’s podium. After this is complete, add several flowers that go with your theme to add color and a source of freshness. Baby’s Breath mixed with marigolds could be a beautiful way to tie in the snow of Winter with the aspirations of gold medals for your country.  Silverware and plates are other places to add some color. You can set these out by having a neutral, large plate placed under plates that match colors of your theme. Placing a colorful napkin on top or in a cup will add some style while remaining on target with your Winter Olympic home design.   Using these techniques mixed with your own personality are a sure-fire way to make sure your home is worthy of a gold medal in Winter Olympic home design.

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