Hidden Storage Areas In Your Home

A hidden storage area with a lot of clothes.

Are you among the numerous homeowners who live in an old, sardine-can home or one that was poorly designed that has almost no room for storage? It can be almost impossible to find space for all of your food, clothing, movies, and every day items. Luckily there are some hidden storage areas in your home that can prove to be great solutions to this all-to-common problem. Below are some of the top, often-ignored spaces that are “hidden” throughout your home.

1. Staircase– Here is a hidden storage area that is in almost every home- the staircase! Most staircases have ample space beneath them that’s covered up by a wall, making it the perfect area to store things. You’ll have to check with a contractor first to make sure there is nothing supporting the house in this area, and that you don’t knock out areas necessary to hold up the stairs, and then you’re set. Some opt to just insert small drawers under each step, while others prefer to take on the side wall for more storage. You can also  hide the open side with drawers or choose to leave it open.

2. Built-in storage or loft bed- Remember the loft bed you had in college or that bed with drawers you had as a kid? There is a reason that both of these bed styles are popular among those with children (or college kids) in small spaces– they make room.  A bed with built- in storage gives you pre-made room to place things, whether it be through drawers, a shelf in place of a headboard, or lifting the area where the mattress is for lots of storage. On the other hand, a loft bed is lifted, giving you that much needed space under your bed. 

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3.Dual purpose furniture-  Sometimes the tiniest piece of furniture can be the most useful hidden storage area in your home. In the case of an ottoman, you get two things in one, a place to rest your feet and a hidden storage area that is still stylish.

4. Back of doors- Yes, there may be a closet with shelves, but this closet also has a door which you can place hangers on to hold a variety of items. Whether it be spices, jewelry, clothes, or craft supplies, you can hide it on the back of a door to help your home look clean and remain organized.

5. Ceiling- The ceiling is a great place to store things, and yet not many homeowners utilize it. The most often used ceilings are those in the garage and kitchen. In the garage, you can store many things on your ceiling, leaving more ground and wall space for your most-used items. As for the kitchen, you can hang cookware above your counters or island to relieve cabinet and drawer space for other items. 

6. In the wall- Similar to the staircase concept, you can also choose to create built-in storage in a wall. Of course, you’ll have to make sure the wall isn’t a low-bearing wall or necessary for holding up the roof, or has plumbing/electricity through it. Once that is cleared, then your storage nightmare could be over!

7. In the floor- Another great hidden storage area is the floor. You can have this be in your bedroom, living room, kitchen… almost anywhere. Many that use this space hide valuables there, but you can choose to put anything in this useful storage center. 

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