Low-Slung, Low-Profile Interior Design

A low-profile living room with a couch and a coffee table.

Low-slung, low-profile interior design presents a modern aesthetic that is casual and simple.  Low to the floor furniture and bedding is part Asian-inspired and part bohemian.  It is a style that is unique and creates a design profile that is an appealing break from the norm.  Balanced and well-proportioned, low-profile design is fresh and engaging.

A living room with low-profile green couches and a fireplace.
Low-slung interior design creates a casual but modern look (interiordesign2014)
A low-profile living room with a chandelier and furniture.
Bohemian flair in this low-profile seating (trendir)
A low-profile living room with couches and a fireplace.
Stylish low profile interior (homestratosphere)

Low profile modular seating offers the ultimate flexibility and comfort.  Low to the floor and with shortened backs, this modular furniture can be arranged to fit into any space.  Pieces can be divided or placed together for a cozy seating arrangement.  Smartly gathered around a table or ottoman, low profile modular seating sets the pace for a modern room made for comfort.

A modern living room with wooden walls and a black couch featuring low-profile interior design.
Low profile modular seating makes a cozy room (decoist)
A living room with low-slung black couches and a fireplace.
Plenty of space to spread out in comfort (Pinterest)
A modern living room with low-profile white furniture.
Modular seating is low profile (glepeng)
A living room with beige walls and low-profile wooden floors.
Low-slung furniture (examsuites)
A living room with a low-profile sectional sofa and coffee table.
Modular seating in a low profile design (design-ideas)

Low profile bedding takes the bed to its rightful center stage.  Simple platform bed frames provide the perfect balance of chic style and comfort.  No more metal bedframes here.  Just a simple base that allows uniform support and presence.  This Asian-inspired design style keeps the bedroom simple and sleek.

A modern bedroom with low-profile wooden walls and a low-slung bed.
Stylish low profile bed (home-designing)
A bedroom with a large painting on the low-profile wall.
Low slung bed (dellacooks)
A low-profile bed in a bedroom with black and orange accents.
Low profile bedroom gives a nod to Asian style interiors (projectwhitespace)
A low-profile interior design featuring a modern bedroom with a large bed.
Serene and peaceful low profile bedroom (runinterior)

Comfort reigns in low profile design.  Perfect for the family room, low-slung sofas and seating serve as pieces that formulate an area that is fun for gathering and entertaining.  Stylistically speaking, this leaves room for statement pieces above the lower sight lines.  A dramatic chandelier or piece of artwork just above eye level would make an impact.

A living room with low-profile white furniture and a fireplace.
Stylish low profile living area (Pinterest)
A living room with large windows boasting a low-profile interior design.
Spacious low profile interior (interiordesign2014)
A living room with a low-slung grey couch and TV.
Low profile furnishings look modern and stylish (realtruz)
A large living room with low-slung white furniture and a chandelier.
Luxurious space with low profile furnishings (realtruz)
A modern living room with low-profile interior design and wood beams.
Beautiful low profile interior (zeospot)
A living room with a low-slung white couch and stairs.
Low profile seating gives a modern vibe (Pinterest)
A modern living room with low-profile white furniture and a glass door.
Serene low profile Asian-inspired interior (home-designing)
A Low-Profile sectional sofa in a living room.
Comfortable and stylish low profile seating (homeremix)

Comfort and style are the hallmarks of low-slung, low-profile interior design.  Taking inspiration from both Asian-inspired design and bohemian, this distinct style is modern and fresh.  In homes with a low ceiling, this style is the perfect match.  For homes with high ceilings, the low profile style can be quite effective, especially when the upper regions are treated with special details.  Overall, the low profile design style creates comfortable spaces for everyday living.

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