Geometrics: Give your home a fresh look

A room filled with geometric art and a chair.

“Geometrics are at the heart of a good design”- Steve Lowsky. Whether we are referring to architecture, art or interior design, we find that geometry is about composition and balance. It’s achieved by manipulating scale, color, texture, and by establishing a hierarchy, in order to create strong visual relations between different elements.

Even though geometrics extent far beyond an angular print, in this article we’ll explore the trend of geometric decor. One reason that stands beyond its popularity is the fact that it’s relatable. It uses basic, recognizable, geometric shapes. The resulting composition, symmetrical or not, will capture the attention of the observer. Symmetry will please, while the orderly chaos will entice the eye, calling for exploration.

If the geometric trend appeals to your senses, join us in exploring 10 beautiful geometric room decors.

A bedroom with blue and white geometrics on the wall.
Beautiful composition of geometrics (
A colorful geometric art print on a wall in front of a brick fireplace.
A balanced composition of geometric elements acts as a focal point(
A living room with a blue geometric rug and a colorful wall.
Lovely geometrics add a touch of color to the living room (

You can use geometrics to add a touch of color to your decor. Remember that a balanced composition is the key to a successful design. Colors can be used to counterbalance scale, while texture and contrast can be used to create dynamism.

A living room with geometric wallpaper.
Intricate geometrics enhance the room’s appearance (
A living room with a grey couch and a black ottoman featuring geometrics.
Elegance comes in geometrics (
A monochrome bedroom with geometric patterns on the bed cover.
Geometrics liven up the minimalist bedroom(

Introduce multiple geometric elements, but establish a hierarchy. Imagine your room being a painting. You’ll want the observer to explore the entire canvas. You have the power to dictate exactly how by creating a focus point and generating relations between it and other elements.

A bedroom with a geometric wall decal.
Creative washi tape geometric decor(
A stack of geometric towels on a stool in a bathroom.
Colorful geometric prints add a touch of cheerfulness to the bathroom’s decor (
A white shelf with pink walls adorned with geometrics.
Subtle, feminine geometric decor (

Geometrics are timeless and stylish. Achieving the look is affordable and you can even DIY. Unleash your creativity, give the geometric trend a try and put a modern spin on your decor.

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