Corrugated Metal in the Home

A bedroom with a large window.

Corrugated metal in the home is a feature that gives an industrial vibe to many interiors.  In a time where living in a converted metal storage shed is en vogue, corrugated metal accents in the home are a feature that is relevant and on trend.  Here is a selection of homes where corrugated metal is used in various ways to complement interiors.

This corrugated metal staircase is quite chic in this modern home.

A corrugated metal spiral staircase leading to a dining room.
Corrugated metal staircase (nevaarmk)

A rusted corrugated metal ceiling enhances this interior, giving it an industrial edge.

A living room with a wooden ceiling featuring corrugated metal accents.
Rustic corrugated metal ceiling (lovelyhomedesigns)

One corrugated metal panel used in this space is decorative and highlights the television, while off-playing the horizontal wood blinds.

A room with a bed and a TV featuring corrugated metal accents in the home.
Corrugated metal accent wall (gorgeoushomedecor)

An entryway is given a touch of shimmer to off-set the wood, melding with the various textures of the space.

A hallway with a coat rack and a coat hanger featuring corrugated metal accents.
Corrugated metal wall in entryway (Pinterest)

A modern kitchen in a corrugated metal enclosure is unique and unexpected.

A kitchen with a corrugated metal table and chairs.
Corrugated metal enhances this modern kitchen (freshome)

Using corrugated metal in this bedroom is an interesting feature, giving just the right balance of texture and shimmer.

A bedroom with a metal bed frame and a bedside table.
Corrugated metal trim boosts this bedroom (Houzz)

A rustic bathroom is given a boost with corrugated metal walls.  The mix with wood is a great contrast.

A bathroom with a wooden ceiling and wooden walls featuring corrugated metal.
Corrugated metal wall accents (lauriflower)

A vaulted corrugated metal ceiling adds definition, texture and interest to this space.

A lofted bedroom featuring corrugated metal in a tiny house.
Corrugated metal ceiling adds interest (tumblr)

A corrugated metal entrance wall lends textural variety and a stylish industrial vibe to this space.  Mixed with the warm honey-tone wood trim and flooring, this metal wall is an unexpected feature.

A wooden hallway with a glass door.
Accent wall in corrugated metal (inspirationgreen)

Corrugated metal wainscoting is a stylish way to add just a touch of modern style to this space, while further enhancing the rustic vibe.

A small room with wooden shelves.
Corrugated metal wall enhancement (bridgersteel)

Corrugated metal walls enclose this bathroom, giving it a very modern and shimmery treatment.  This unique surface infuses this room with dimension and interest.

A bathroom with a sink.
Corrugated metal bathroom gleams (Houzz)

The industrial vibe is alive and well in this room with recycled corrugated metal accenting the walls.  The variety of color and shape give this room a unique balance and dimension.  The area rug carries the lines of the walls through for a very cohesive look.

Reclaimed Wood – Let it Tell a Story in Your Home
A living room with a coffee table.
Corrugated metal wall panels enhance this space (Houzz)

One feature wall of corrugated metal is a unique treatment for this bedroom, further carrying an industrial theme.  The metal is framed nicely, which contributes to the very tailored look.  Adjacent neutral walls enhance the feature wall.

A corrugated metal themed bedroom with two beds and a tv.
Corrugated metal wall is unexpected shimmer to this room (bestofinteriors)

A corrugated metal ceiling mixes with brick and graffiti for a very artistic entertainment space.  The ceiling reflects the light and brings attention to the art.

A room with graffiti on the corrugated metal walls and chairs.
Corrugated metal enhances this home theatre (

This corrugated metal island brings a stylish addition to the kitchen.  A unique and unexpected feature like this is a chic choice.

A kitchen with a metal island and stainless steel appliances incorporating corrugated metal in the home.
Corrugated metal kitchen island (Pinterest)

There are many uses for corrugated metal in the home.  This surface adds texture, depth, dimension and unique interest to any space.  It can give a very rustic or industrial vibe, as well as enhance modern spaces with a touch of the unexpected.  Combined with other surfaces such as wood, stone or brick, corrugated metal brings an extra element that contrasts nicely.  Corrugated metal may not be your first choice for a feature wall in your home, but it is unexpected.


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