Lighten Up with Painted White Floorboards

A white bathroom with a herringbone floor.

White floorboards aren’t the most practical or durable option, but they are very trendy and stylish at the moment and many design fans are painting their floorboards white to create a bright and neutral floor that acts as a cool backdrop for the rest of the room.

A room with painted white floorboards.
Make sure you have right materials and a smooth wooden floor to begin with (


A white kitchen with painted white floorboards.
Painted white floorboards a sure-fire way to make any room in your home a more contemporary version of rustic or shabby chic décor (

If you’re afraid of pure white floorboards due to the maintenance and the work involved, you can stick to cooler toned wood for a similar feature but with a more natural and traditional twist.

A white kitchen with a wooden railing and a rug transformed by painted white floorboards.
Add a bright rug to your floorboards for a warm and cosy update (
A kitchen with white cabinets and painted white floorboards.
Adding a pastel rug to a white kitchen with bool wooden boards can soften the contrast and add a feminine charm (

If rustic isn’t your style but you love the light and neutrality of white, opt for a sleeker finish and modern accompanying décor for a stylish and seamless white floor to support contemporary fashions.

Lighten Up a Kitchen with Painted White Floorboards.
Treating your wood beforehand, good maintenance, and using the correct materials can help you achieve a glossy and seamless finish (
A white kitchen with a painted white floor.
This ultra-contemporary kitchen is proof that white flooring isn’t only for rustic homes (

In comparison to rustic and contemporary homes, white floor boards are a canvas for creativity. Adding colour or patterns can turn your plain flooring into a striking design feature.

A white bathroom with a herringbone floor.
Artful and unusual painted parquet tiles are the focal point of this room (
A white living room with a radiator.
Bright yellow accents add a quirky twist so a subtle white colour palette (

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