How to Use Vintage Bottles for Decoration

Vintage bottles filled with pink flowers on a mantle.

We usually keep vintage bottles but we do not know how to use them for other purpose. We do have a vague idea that we can use them for decoration, but we do not know how to make them more attractive. Also for those of us who are in a budget we can use vintage bottles as decoration pieces by adding different elements.Blue vintage bottles with flowers on a table.

One can always use vintage bottles as planters. Putting only a single stem in a bottle creates an instant décor appeal. Also vintage bottles can be attached to some salvaged shutters to create wall planters. For outdoors you can use a twine or wire around the head of the bottle to make hanging planters. They look amazing.A table with vintage bottles and candles on it.

You can also use vintage bottles as a candle stand. You can use a bunch of different sizes of candles and vintage bottles to create a centrepiece arrangement. If you have large bottles then you can place votive candles inside. Make them appealing by adding water so that votive candles can float. This type of decoration can change the whole spectrum of the room.A vintage wooden shelf with bottles and jars on it.

Also, you can put cosmetic containers and bathroom liquid for display and use them for various purposes. These bottles can be of perfumes, soaps and lotions. You can do the same for the liquids and detergent bottles in your laundry room. Another great idea can be of using kitchen liquid for decoration. If you buy large volumes of hand soap or dish liquid you can pour some into the glass bottles and store away the rest.

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Your vintage bottles can also serve as cups. Vintage glass bottles with lids or bottles without lids (you can create cork lids for them) can serve the purpose of cups. You can use them to store homemade drinks or you can use them as serving containers.

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